Duality brings desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes, and pride in possessions…?






1 John 2:15-17:
15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world–the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions–is not from the Father but is from the world. 17 And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.
The world vs. God/Source (temporary/changing vs. permanent/eternal)…how does John’s biblical teaching apply to what we call our spiritual journey? What is it we are to discover, some would say “remember”?
Are the things of the world valid? To what use must they be put? Are they but a “reflection” of our own thoughts? How are we to view all worldly things? Do all things/actions spring from the mind of ego that harnesses us to them, blinding us to our Reality?
When awakened, will we know the world for what it is…a human-made thought form, which we dream as we sleep?
i am delighted to have such stirring dialogue submitted by such worthy ones who not only speak from their own experiences, but also excavate those experiences to find and share the deepest truths they have found at this time. All such ongoing discussion allows openings/cracks to occur so that the subtle Voice of Source may be heard amidst the outer cacophany of these lives we lead. Thank you for diving deeper, below the surface of “passed down” wisdom.


  1. Jesus did say “…occupy until I come.”
    Paul taught that all things are good and to be enjoyed within moderation.
    My thoughts anyway.

  2. People that place their love in things of this world such as money, power, fame, and etc. are not fully loving God. This is called Idol worshiping. The things of this world are temporary and if you chose to love the things of this world over God you lose your reward in Heaven.

  3. “GOD” or whatever name you want to give it, is all that exists, there is nothing that is not God, that would be impossible. So if that is the case (and it is) we need to love everything that exists, as it is a part of God the same as we too are a part of God.
    There is nothing wrong with “desires of the flesh” and sex is something that should be enjoyed and celebrated, as it was in previous civilisations. It is different to what we have been led to believe. It is a chance to have a moment with God, in bliss.

  4. I”m having a hard time reconciling the idea that the world seems to be spoken of as a thing to get through, instead of thing to be created and enjoyed. That’s a product of view in a language/thought pattern that is currently seeking understanding by balancing imaginary dualities. So…yes…perhaps it can be interpreted that if you love the world, you are loving the “world you have created?” and that world is frought with illusionary dualities. The nature of all things and ourselves is the one and all deviations aren’t unnatural, wrong or evil, but a product of a sociological group trying to understand the nature of reality by creating dualities. A product of our language development?
    Sunny Girl: Wow, Sunny Girl, that is beautiful. Yes…you don’t seek an ending so much as you seek a personal perspective in which to view and just be with all that is around you and you dont’ feel that it is demeaning to place your own connotation on things, or to have your own perspective. I tear up all the time too. I think if we ever met we might just be smiling and crying:)
    “Isn’t it our own misinterpretation of what we think we are, that is the dream?”
    Wow, yes. The misinterpretation….the bending of man to fit a philosophy instead of personal philosophies that teach us how to grow and we create the perspectives that pit extremes against each other and tend to ignore the kernel…the essence…the meaning of the idea in its actuality…and we end up fighting from the edges of continuums instead of growing together from the fulcrum.
    “I just want to be able to recognise the wholeness within it. And most of the time I do.”
    Yes. There is a consilience. The more I learn the more I realize there is…some universal pattern that is reflected in all patterns we create…in the patterns that we are…
    “I know it is all transitory/changing rather than permanent/eternal, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to me. Each moment is what it is; but beneath the surface I am aware of the eternal reality.”
    Hehe yes! I have been cycling through thoughts on movement/no-movement. There does seem to be change…but the change seems some how….so tied to the essence of all and it all moves in such a way… that it doesn’t really move…it simply…manipulates the kernel….(giant questoin mark lol)
    “I may well be within a dream that I have created, but it is all I know at the moment, and somehow I feel that God is here with me.”
    Yes. I do understand how you want to say that though it may very well be a dream..it is YOUR dream. I love it! You are not separate from anything else so you know that God is with you, even in your dream.
    “It is a strange feeling to be moving further away from what would be considered awakened, but feeling in myself that I am more awakened than I have ever been. (Another quirk of the dream, perhaps.) lol”
    Do you mean that you feel you are moving away from what would be considered enlightened because you delight in your individuality/perspective? I feel that this to is a view of duality that perhaps doesn’t exist? Either giving up self completely or being preoccupied completely with self….a manipulation of the kernel? A decision to ride one side of the fulcrum’s lever over the other and missing the essence contained in the foundation? You seem centered to me. You seem as aware of the beauty outside yourself as well as in and I think it makes perfect sense that you feel enlightened.
    “I don’t desire or crave any of it, but I delight in and enjoy what does occur, but freely let it go again from moment to moment.”
    I am not there yet. However, I think these patterns are emerging in me, they seem to indicate some kind of….both…connection…but then some kind of disconnection because of a view…from above…? Or that is what it feels like to me now…

    • Shall be replying too this thought but have too look up the meaning of a few words first hehehe…
      And of course you would pose questions that actually require some uuuhhhmm what’s that word ah yes ‘thought!’ aaarrrgggghhh but I’m on it,
      until then I will begin my virtual pattern sequencing, as now I am curious too see the ‘merging patterns’ oh did I mention I’m a sucker for abstract works of art?

  5. Hello I Am Sirius
    My answer comes from my heart and I understand it is not an ideal answer.
    I cannot help but feel that Love is here within the dream. Isn’t it our own misinterpretation of what we think we are, that is the dream?
    I delight in so much about creation and the world and feel the essence of Love emanating from it, that I find it hard to dismiss it all.
    I just want to be able to recognise the wholeness within it. And most of the time I do.
    I don’t desire or crave any of it, but I delight in and enjoy what does occur, but freely let it go again from moment to moment.
    I know it is all transitory/changing rather than permanent/eternal, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to me. Each moment is what it is; but beneath the surface I am aware of the eternal reality.
    I feel moved to tears when I see the first bud of spring, or tadpoles hatching in a muddy pool and feel so much Love and connection moving through me.
    I may well be within a dream that I have created, but it is all I know at the moment, and somehow I feel that God is here with me.
    It is a strange feeling to be moving further away from what would be considered awakened, but feeling in myself that I am more awakened than I have ever been. (Another quirk of the dream, perhaps.) lol
    Love Peace & Light

  6. Not sure if this reflect your question
    I would express that Acceptance towards all things any where in this Vast universe,including our own experience of life on this Earth ,is a natural Gift that we all have within our self, to Accept things as they truly are, No matter what is it ,the reflection”experience or our own thoughts,acceptance is a must
    In this way we are to be permanently establish in eternal love of being,which is
    experience as Unconditional love for all that exist,24hours a day, even our darkies dream
    We must simply be Accept things or it as they are.

  7. Matthew 6:19-21
    Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and dust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and dust doth not corrupt or thieves do not break through or steal.
    For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
    11 Corinthians 4:18
    While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen ‘are’ eternal.
    Our physical life on earth is how we perceive it to be. We perceive it to be reality when it is truly elusive and temporal. We sleep in deficiency and darkness of God’s Truth.
    We are here to learn lessons, much like going to school. When we graduate or leave this world, we review our life and are graded or judged accordingly.
    People and worldly things are for the purpose of life here, to aid in the lessons we learn. When our time is over here, they are left behind along with our physical bodies.
    The ego is the intrinsic self and is gradually developed from birth. Sometime during the course of a lifetime, we must shed this as it is that which enslaves us to this world.
    When we have completely purged the ego (turning self inside out) we can honestly come to know the true self and become one with the Lord God.
    “When a person comes to know himself and God, who is over truth, that person will be saved.”
    “No one knows the God of Truth except the person who forsakes all things of this world and renounces the whole place.”
    “At present, we encounter the visible things of creation, and we say they are mighty and worthy and the hidden things are weak and insignificant. It is not so with the visible things of ‘truth’. They created visible things are weak and insignificant, but the hidden things are mighty and worthy.”
    Peace and Blessings

  8. If only we can realize the truth that we all are spiritual beings having a physical experience rather than physical beings yearning for spiritual experience, only then can we know our true selves. We all are spiritual beings who have taken the physical form on a physical plane to learn the ultimate truth that is surprisingly hidden in each one of us. The problem arises when we do not realize our own true worth as spiritual beings, of the diamond hidden inside each one of us, that we are trapped into the delusion of the physical world all around us and mistake it for the reality. We ourselves de-value ourselves by considering ourselves as frail mortals, who have been brought into this earth to keep fighting with our circumstances and earn illusory wealth of the world, totally forgetting about the precious diamond that shines inside each one of us. The day we wake up to our true self worth do we tend to come out of the illusion of a physical world into the truth of our spritual origins.

  9. Hello Dear Sirius,
    Thank you for the wonderful meditation question.
    As the Self I am never attached to physical things or experiences. I always see them for what they are. Maya.
    Problems can seem to arise when I take these physical world experiences too seriously and see them as permanent or become too attached to the things.
    Oh wait, I am the Self and this never happens.
    Now isn’t that an interesting experience. 🙂
    I am the Self and am never distracted.
    I am the human and always distracted.
    I am just the Self expressing mySelf as human for a few moments but I am always and forever the Infinite Self. That never changes.
    Take care.

  10. What we do and what we are is never lost, because we are part of a vast, infinite whole. The wave vanishes but the ocean remains intact; and the water from that wave also remains in the ocean.
    It is necessary to understand this from many angles, because it will have a far-reaching effect on your life, your behavior and your future. If this can be deeply understood by you, you will become a totally different person. You have made one type of life for yourself based on the understanding that you are a separate entity — and that is why man is anxious, troubled and unhappy. In reality you are not a separate being; all your attempts to separate yourself fail. And in the end you discover that you have failed to separate yourself. What is death? Death is nothing except the shattering of your false belief that you are separate. Death takes you back into non-duality. If you were able to go into non-duality on your own, then death would not happen to you. But as you are, death is absolutely necessary for you because on your own you seem to have no desire to return to the experience of non-duality.
    You were in a state of non-duality before your birth, and after death you will return to that same state. Just for a while, in between, there is this wave with all its sound and fury, its momentary rising and its dance in the sunshine. And so for a time the wave gets the idea that “I also exist. “Each wave must feel that it is separate from the ocean, it must. And it must also feel that all the waves rising around it are separate from it. It must feel like this — and there is a logic behind it. If the wave has its logic, if it has its own intelligence, then it will wonder, “How can I be one with the other waves?” It may think, “Some waves are so small, some are so big. We are all so different — how can it be that we are all one?” It will also wonder, “Some waves are falling, while I am just beginning to rise, so how can I be one with the falling waves? If I were one with the falling waves, I would be falling too. Or if a falling wave were really one with me, it would also be rising, like I am.” You look around and you see that someone is dying and you are young; someone has grown old and someone else is a child — how can we all be one? If we were all one, then when you die, they should all die with you. But we know that even if one wave is rising and the other wave is falling, all waves are one, they are all joined at the center. And the falling wave is going back into the same water that the other wave is rising from. At the depths there is no difference between these two waves — all this is just the play of one ocean. Just for a little while the wave has taken a form; then the form is lost and only the formless remains. We too are nothing more than waves. In this world everything is a wave. A tree is a wave, a bird is a wave, a stone is a wave and so too is man. If all are waves in the same ocean, then this leads us to a very far- reaching conclusion.
    We are all connected. Deep down we are all connected. Intellect only exists in relation to retardedness. What kind of power does this give the ego? Is there anything in this world more impotent than the ego? The ego of the intellectual is just this: that he is not retarded. But his intellect is dependent on the existence of the retarded. The leader thinks that he is not a follower — but can there be a leader without followers? He is only a leader because there are followers. If a great man thinks he is great, he is not really great. He is simply forgetting that it is only in relation to the ordinary people that he appears to be great. The truly great man sees this point: that he appears great only in relation to the ordinary man. Then even greatness becomes ordinary, because how can a greatness which needs ordinariness as a buttress be called greatness? And this applies to both sides. If the intellectual can only see that the idiot is just the other side of the same coin, his insulting attitude, his disregard for the idiot will disappear and a feeling of brotherhood will be born. If the saint can only see that the unsaintly are just the other side of the same coin, his condemnation of them will come to an end; a deep friendship and love will arise in him even towards the unsaintly. And until such compassion is born in the saint, know well that he has no idea of non-duality.
    The moment you have experienced non-duality, the opposite also becomes a part of you. Real knowledge is not the opposite of ignorance; it is actually a transcendence of both knowledge as well as ignorance.
    May you always shine like a Star and be fragrant like a Flower,
    God bless your Life with infinite Love and Peace, Amen.

  11. I love the question because it is one that seems to be oft misunderstood. I love the answers so far because they add illuminating colour to the topic.
    As I at this time understand, thoughts are things. They are also of the world. Thoughts become things manifest be it actions, matter, cicumstances etc. Our most powerful thoughts are our beliefs because beliefs are really thoughts of the same nature and definition repeated through our actions, inactions, reactions. Actually action tends to lie outside of belief. Reaction is more accurate because they are based on the same basic underlying thoughts that make up our beliefs.
    What we seem to most often forget is that any and all of these things as well as that which springs forth as a result of these have but One Source. Since the mind can not serve two masters by it’s nature ( as per the dilema of duality) it makes much more sense to express gratitude for the source than an individual thing that emanates from the source. We are part of that Source manifested in our bodies and minds which are really physical and mental structures through which the source itself operates. Therefore there are three levels and One source. Soul, Mind, Body. Three fields, Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Source to Soul to Mind to Body. In our minds our thoughts form structure but it is the spirit that manifests the structure and the spirit that moves though the structure and gives it life. We direct that energy on the mental level through free will.
    The energy moves through the mind and manifests thought which through either action, or inaction we manifest into the physical. Either the freely chosen intention or the intention formed by our default settings called a belief system. Or perhaps a mixure of the two.
    It is true that “God” exists in all processes and outcomes. All structures and energy through the structure. So to Love the Source is to Love all is it not? This way we are not obliged to attachment to any material posession and not our ego/mind. The ego/mind may be the engine of manifestation but really it is a structure based on our beliefs and the energy running though that structure to make it all possible is spirit. Again we see the manifest structure (created thing) and the power of Life both holding it together and running through is at related by different frequencies if you will. The pure runs through the downstepped.
    I think the biblical version of loving the world is another fear based notion. As a component of a unified spirit who we really are is eternal. The structures including the world itself is not eternal and it subject to re creation and in fact is engaged in this at every moment of the Eternal Now. Because of duality perception we may experience separation from our Source in experiencial terms but we are not separate. Loving the outcome or structures including the world only serves to add to this duality perception. In increases are forgetting and decreases our remembering. The mind cannot serve two masters and in this we get distracted and led down the garden path if we are not careful we get “lost”. Although this sense of loss is experiencial only it seems very real and leads to getting even further led astray. In this the ego runs the show and as we all know the structure itself is a poor master. In this it is disconnected from the intelligence of Source and kind of acts like a boat with no driver. It runs in circles until it runs out of gas.
    Because the world and all of the structures that emanate from source are changing every eternal moment and are ultimately mortal in all sense of the word they all together are like a fast moving river that reflects the movement of source. If we Love an aspect (like a log) and attach ourselves to it we are likely to get swept away. Perhaps this is the meaning of Love in this sense. Attachment. We are attracted to thoughts and things and become indentified and attached. Perhaps this is due to the inate knowing that we are deeply related to all. This may be due to our ability to focus the power of our attention. In this we exclude the all for the few and immediately enter into the world of illusion as partial Truth is not truth but a pale reflection and I call it illusion. Taking the partial for the whole is illusion. Hope that wasn’t too much but it was fun. Namaste

  12. There you have it, the path out of Maya, delusion. My mother used to argue that there are a lot of other things besides God! She had been a sunday school teacher for many years. She thought that balance was fifty percent for God and fifty percent for the world. But I do believe that God said otherwise. “All for Me and you inherit all that is Mine as a son inherits his fathers riches.” Try fifty-fifty and you will find that your devotion is watered down till it is meaningless.
    While it is true that there is nothing sinful in enjoying the world completely all is not profitable to our soul, to our awakening.

  13. The things of the world which lead you into separation and death are valid up to the point when you awaken and change direction.
    We are truly blessed with an innate power to discern the illusion from the reality yet we are taught the method of death and dying by the definition of our relationships to people and what they can give us in the physical sensational sense.
    We all know that the love projected towards another is by it’s own volition a selfish love to replace our missing spiritual link to the divine and the true love therein.
    Our lives are a struggle to reconcile this and for many they never see nor know their true calling for as Christ said we need to be in the world but not of it.
    How many of us can actually experience this?
    Duality not only forms our attachments but also arises with our thoughts which come from the mystery.
    Neither bad nor good unless acted out and upon we can be sons and daughters of God.
    How many of us before we awoke experienced the impermanence of another persons love and how that led us to a place which for some becomes only a temporary paradise and for others a living hell.
    In Christ I have all I need and I can love more without the attachments to death because death has no power over me nor evil.
    This is the freedom that came at a great price that still resonates in that dimension beyond comprehension.
    Attach yourself to that and find your way back to the beginning for it is there you’ll find your end.

  14. When we come to unity through forgiveness, the two becomes one and the senses are to expand love, not separate in fear and scarcity..

  15. In our existence in this seemingly unending Kosmos, the wisdom we seek is not wrought in the morbid inactivity of pure Spirit nor in the chaotic propensity of matter. The ideal is that point of equilibrium that produces rest discovered only in their perfect balance. Matter is said to be the mother of wisdom but without Spirit this mother becomes just an illusive dream. It takes them both for wisdom to emerge, thus the quest of human existence. Matter, the feminine principle, is given form by the masculine depth and profundity. Without it, she is just the face of the waters, awakening the illusion of the senses. Caught in their thralldom, one will “love the world”. With depth and profundity, the senses are fused together as one and produce the higher faculty of understanding.
    “Are the things of the world valid? To what use must they be put?” What we gain here is the ability to remain incorruptible in a never ending process of seeking after the Absolute…. “the Absolute has retained its primordial existence in such a way as to be eternally sought after.” Our adventures will take us to the lightest light and the darkest dark of the one true Source and human existence, I believe, is simply a proving ground for greater things to come. Nature is a single aspect of the Absolute among an infinite number of aspects. When equilibrium is attained here, she will let you ascend and show you her secrets.

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