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Dreams – do dreams come true or do they always remain a figment of the subconscious imagination ?

This has to be answered keeping in mind that dreams may be remnants of memories floating in the genes and being reborn …..


  1. Some dreams do come true. it’s also called de javu. they are more repetitive and highly sensitive to those that are precog.

  2. Dreams are scientifically recognized as subconscious re-enactments of your past memories and experiences. There is no question of them coming true in the future because the events they enact have already seen reality in the past.

  3. I don’t think it is scientific – at least, as far as current scientific developements are concerned – to believe that dreams come true. Because them we would have to believe that time exists outside our mind as a sub-category of space. Which is absurd.

  4. I practice lucid dreaming (where you know you are dreaming and can control your dream) and I know a little something about dreams:
    They can be something that you wish, something from the past, or something you expect to happen, as well as a bunch of other scenarios.
    Dreams that ‘come true’ are called Deja Vu. This is still an unknown thing to many people and considered a phenomenon. Mabey these memories are things that we ‘think’ happened way before it actually did, when it actually happened just a second ago. “..one hemisphere of the brain received information a split second earlier that the other half” Something I read, and it makes perfect sence. If these are dreams, it is very hard, if not nearly impossible for most people to remember them. That in some ways might be considered psychic abilities.
    But in a more normal way- dreams are ‘scenes’ that your mind play when your body rests. Weird things can happen, and seem perfectly normal to you in the dream because the reality part of the brain is ‘turned off’.
    Hope it helps

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