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Dreams are subconscious thoughts?

Do you think your dreams are your subconscious thoughts? Like if you have a dream where you are with one of your friends, you probably were hanging out with them that day or thinking about them. Or if you dream about becoming pregnant, that was something that was on your mind recently. I try and stay aware of my thoughts throughout the day and whenever i remember my dreams, i can remember that what happened in my dream was something that came across my mind recently. I thought of this question because people are always asking what do their dreams mean and I would say that the dream is nothing but subconscious thoughts. It makes sense.


  1. Dreams are your brains’ way of making sense of and organising all the information it collected recently while awake.
    Paying attention to your dreams is a good way of finding out what subconscious thoughts are not leaking into your conscious.
    Usually when I watch movies about a particular subject or just think thoughts about a particular subject, those thoughts from earlier on in the day will creep themselves into my dreams in some way.

  2. Yes and the night King kong had me up in his hand it was just my subconscious mind replaying the part in my dream.
    I was really glad to wake up after that.

  3. i think a lot of psychologists focus not so much on the dream itself, but how you describe it. also what you think of the objects or situations in the dream.


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