• really fascinating interview. Thanks so much. I’d read quite a bit abut NDE but I didn’t know there was research on approaching death experiences

  • I love how I thought I saw an energy field around the speaker.. Than thought of how I see my energy that looks like heat waves when I am doing Qi Gong and then he mentions seeing energy leave the body right after.. Peace

  • He speaks very definitively. Very enjoyable, nevertheless. I’d agree, that we’ve forgotten how to die.

  • Excellent interview, one I will certainly pass on. So well done and makes me feel I would love to meet Dr Fenwick as well as be interviewed by Conscious TV

  • I thank you so much and the relieve is so great to hear you both have this amazingly important discussion.
    I am from Holland and I am pleased to have heard my country mentioned, dear Sir.
    This interview I will want to see and hear again, it is so soothing and sounds so comforting. All your hard work and the investigating has been worth ALL the trouble you went through.
    I’m very pleased to have stumbled across this video.
    Conscioustv; thanks also.

  • Very happy to see an interest in this area,as well as research into this phenomena.Thank you Mr. Fenwick for your enlightened views and the subjects that should be pursued and better understood.
    Ever Seeking to Better Understand.

  • Thanks so much! This is great Iain! I was just telling my husband that Conscious TV had not done any shows about death and dying earlier that day when you posted this video to FB.

  • Once you are aware that they are “gone”, it is important to tap right between their eyebrows, like in the frown line about three times to help cue their spirt to leave the body.

  • My Grandad had been delirous for quite a while and unable to move too. After a priest had given him last rites I was left alone with him and I held his hand and wept gently. The next thing, I felt a touch on my head and my Grandad had turned on to his side and reached up to stroke my head. He became Lucid and told me he was fine and not to worry. He then lay back down and died.This was revelatory for me, his eyes cleared and he spoke my name and reassured me before passing. I felt blessed by him

  • This is an amazing interview and Dr. Fenwick…thank you for talking about this! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this interview.

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