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Don't you think our intellectual mind set and ego comes in way of faith and trust in spiritualism ?

When stress is rising and value systems are deteriorating , it is very essential that we adopt spiritualism and train our mind. But don’t you think our “super intellectual thinking” and inflated ego acts as great deterrent to accept the spiritual principles ? What are your views ?
Edit – Dear Way and Sophist – You may not call it spiritualism, but even modern psychiatry puts great emphasis on getting distressed, delinking mind body interactions, desensitization, relaxation and deep breathing techniques. Spiritualism teaches you same techniques advocated by modern psychiatry.


  1. Absolutely. According to the Myer-Briggs Personality test, I am an INTJ. We are the least likely to be spiritual. As a christian, I have to have constant reading in the scriptures, or I will get lost in this world. I think in order for you not get lost in the worldly desires; you must be in the scriptures.

  2. yes!
    the logical scientific mind makes people want clear cut answers to things… in a linear process.
    people want instant answers…. with evidence and facts.
    people stopped having “faith” or belief. and i am not talking about specific religions or the existence of god.

  3. Undoubtedly humility is the first and foremost requirement for becoming spiritually oriented. It implies that we need to shun our rogue ego and the subtle arrogance regarding our intellectual status.

  4. anyone who accepts spiritual principles without analysis offers nothing more to the gods that a dog’s tongue offers the hand of human looking for love and understanding

  5. I disagree with your statement that it is essential we adopt spiritualism. That would be a step backward into superstition. What we need to do is hold fast to our core values that have been logically arrived at. They need to reflect what transpires in the real world, not some nonsensical imaginary world. Only when we live life fully in the reality of our existence do we find our way through whatever the universe throws at us. The current loss of values is a reflection of greed of the past twenty years because we were basically a young population. Now we are being baptized in the fire of reality and we will emerge with a stronger sense of our values and once again realize that we must guard against the abuses of the few and that includes the fearful, shortsighted ones that advocate a retreat into spiritualism of any kind.
    Edit: You can do the same thing without all the spiritual hogwash. I know because I was doing it before it became “fashionable” and I still do it. Keep things separate and orderly. That way you will have no confused thinking. Calming the body (physically and emotionally) and sorting out your thoughts is a willful, logical action that has no real linkage to spiritualism except by way of excuse and self-motivation. If you are already motivated by your mind, you don’t need the excuse. Discipline! You do what needs to be done.

  6. Well maybe I’m an exception but I have a very logical and intellectual approach to life, I’m a skeptic but I am also very spiritual. I don’t attempt to separate two sides of the same coin.. All things are connected, one thing leads to the next. If we use our intellect to seek truth and knowledge whether spiritual or physical we can’t go wrong, if we use our intellect to set ourselves apart from and above others, that is where we go wrong. So I don’t think an intellectual mind set has to get in the way of spiritualism.. it is SEPARATION that gets in the way. It is humanity imposing dividing lines that don’t exist which causes separation and ultimately the break down of acceptance and unity of vision.
    We cannot see that which we separate ourselves from.. intellect and spirituality are not mutually exclusive unless we choose to impose division upon them of our own design. I think separation, division and definition are what cause people to turn a blind eye to things as they stand WHOLE.

  7. I like Kelly’s answer.
    Pretend that spiritual matters are a myth and that being connected to the universe doesn’t matter.
    When one is doing science one needs to be creative, to bend the rules, try new things, get out of one’s own way. If my ego, certitudes about science and narrowly logical thinking rule, my SCIENCE GRINDS TO A HALT.
    Humility, silliness, fantasy, imagination; all of these are necessary to do “super intellectual thinking” and to have something WORTH getting a big ego about.
    So without spirituality, call it morale if you are frightened of superstition, we would not BE where we are today in science and thinking. How can they come in the WAY when they are the FRUITS of spirituality????
    I think both sides go hand in hand. A spiritual journey without a barometer or a sense of self-importance is futile as well.


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