• Yes and no. Now my belief is that magic comes from the Divine and Ouija comes from something beyond. So I guess someone could believe that humans can’t tap into the universal magic. Sad to believe that, but what ever you believe you make true in your life. So if you believe you have no control of the magic in the universe then you have none. If you believe that Ouija will harm you then it will. Why would anyone want to believe that? I will never know.

  • Magic has nothing to do with Ghosts.

    Essentially, believing in ghosts is believing in SOME sort of afterlife. That the soul goes on after the body dies.

    Ain’t necessarily any magic in that.

  • some should only open their mouth after doing some research….. only then you can have a competent oppinion!

    if you get to believe there is no magic then you must leave out all of the supernatural too: ouija, ghosts, manifestations… etc. oh, and don’t forget those blood suckers (sarcasm intended..)

  • Could you explain yourself a bit more?Are you asking that people who do not believe on magic contradict themselves by asking and answering Ouija board questions?They may not believe in magic, doesn’t mean they can’t believe in ghosts.

    EDIT: Magic has nothing to do with ghosts.Someone could feasibly believe in an afterlife without believing in magic.Ghosts suggest their is a some sort of an afterlife, magic is the act of influencing energies around you to affect what happens.By saying, oh if you leave out magic you can’t believe in another supernatural occurrence is like saying, oh I don’t believe in evolution, might as well throw out all the rest of science to wait…wait a second people do do that!
    Just because something is supernatural or paranormal doesn’t mean it is related to everythinge else grouped into that category.Vampires, totally unrelated to ghosts.Leprechauns, unrelated to ghosts.Mermaids, unrelated to ghosts.Werewolves, unrelated to ghosts.Faeries, unrelated to ghosts.

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