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Doesn't this make sense for the Espada (from Bleach) in terms of how they are?

1. Buddhahood (stark)
2. Realization (or absorption) [Barragan]
3. Bodhisattvahood (Halibel)
4. Learning (Ulquiorra)
5. Paranoid jealousy (Nnoitra)
6. Animality (Grimmjow)
7. Humanity (or passionate idealism) [Zommari]
8. Heaven (or rapture) [Szayel]
9. Hunger [Aaroniero]
10. Hell [Yammi]
Would you agree that these types that are next to the Espada fit them to a “T?”


  1. For certain ones I feel like they fit them I suppose but for certain ones like realization for Barragan … I don’t really see how that fits … =D

  2. i would say yes to all except for Stark, Barragan and Halibel we’ve only seen bits and pieces of them in both the manga and anime. but for the rest i concur with your enlighten assessment.

  3. After reading all the ten spiritual realms, it does make sense. :0 Interesting…
    If you want to know, some people have related many of the bleach characters to many iconic figures from different religions. Like some believe Nnoitra is like Shiva or Kaggen. The most interesting connection in my opinion was Mayuri as Osiris (Osiris’s Ba or was it Ka (?) is depicted as ram headed and Mayuri was drawn for one chapter title as a ram headed pharaoh.)
    You can find a couple of discussions about the connection between the Espada to mythological figures in several bleach forums. I can’t remember any link to one right now but I’m sure you can google something like ‘Bleach characters to Mythology’, if you’re curious. 🙂


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