Home Discussion Forum Doesn't the Ultimate Magician create His or Her own form of Magick?

Doesn't the Ultimate Magician create His or Her own form of Magick?


  1. Greetings!
    We live in the midst of Magick. Magick is an Energy that flows through you. Are you a good conductor, or do you have areas in which the flow is slowed or stopped by one of many problems?
    Just being a non-believer can deaden the Pathways. Being wrapped up in just one Belief-System can lead to the Energy being conducted to areas that do no good at all.
    Convincing oneself ( or letting yourself be convinced by others ) that you are right, and all others are wrong leads to a one-way circuit, which makes one unworthy to be a Vessel of those Energies.
    Now, yes. One makes his, or her, own Magickal Forms. One is bound by the Tools one has. Develop more Tools, ones that help others, that help this World, that don`t conflict with Natural Law.
    Let the Flow, Flow.
    We are not the Center of the Uni-Verse, we are not the Masters of Time and Space. We are a mote, on a piece of dust and ash, floating about on a Sea of Hydrogen, awash in Energies that to us, are vast.
    Giant Fireballs of Flame, and tiny fireballs of hot-air.
    This, is Truth……..all other is supposition.
    Be Good, Do Good, be nice, be efficient, wash your socks, feed the Birds………..and if you can`t, do your Best.


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