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Doesn't the Dalai lama confirm Tibet is part of China as he reiterated he is not seeking Tibet independence ?

who are those protestors holding placards “Free Tibet ” as the Dalai lama said it many times he is not seeking Tibet independence and reiterated Tibet is an autonomous region of China.


  1. The Dalai Lama is working toward a higher purpose.
    It is difficult for Americans to wrap their narrow, territorial minds around that fact.

  2. er, isnt an “autonomous region” um, independent? and just because the dalai lama doesnt want to free tibet as you say, doesnt mean no one else wants independence! not sure i understood your arguments though so this may be miscontsrued..

  3. That’s not the issue. The issue is that China murdered one million people.
    If China treated Tibet like we treat Puerto Rico, I think everything would be okay with all parties concerned.

  4. He is not seeking complete independence because he understands that China will never allow it, not because he doesn’t want it. As a practical matter, he understands that the best hope for preserving Tibet is to make the name “Tibet Autonomous Region” more than a mark on a map and to introduce at least some genuine autonomy. But even with this reduced bargaining position, China won’t allow it.
    And the Dalai Lama doesn’t represent the entirety of the Tibetan movement. You’ll find that many people, particularly younger groups like the Tibetan Youth Congress, do support resumption of complete independence for the Tibetans.

  5. What he wants is freedom of religion and freedom from the Han Chinese walking all over his people. The Tibetans have been told that all reincarnations must be approved by the Chinese government – in fact the Chinese have said that one of their religious leaders is not because they didn’t approve him and then they set up their own from Han China instead.
    I don’t think he’s aiming for complete freedom because he’s a realist and that will never happen in this lifetime. But he does want more autonomy for his people and less oppression. They are second-class citizens in their own country and China has been movig Han Chinese into that area wholesale so that Tibetans will no longer be a majority in their own country.

  6. Its morony. Tibet was declared part of China by the British when they ruled most of China. This was to avoid Tibet falling into Russian territories.So when the British left, China took it “back”. Now it appears that Britain is whingeing. The whole thing would make people weep if it wasn’t so funny.

  7. He is a terrorist leader. China is still a poor country, but wait for another 5-10 years, which Chinese carriers its special forces to catch him and trail him in China.

  8. I would describe them as patriots and democrats – at a similar stage in our national struggle, there developed two threads – those for home rule, with similar constitutional status to Canada, and Republicans, for independence.
    Both, I think, were, and in Tibet are, honest – but I would also describe the supporters of the middle way, in both cases, as honestly mistaken.
    The right side’s day has dawned, and not only in Ireland. It will come in Tibet. Tiocfaidh ar la!

  9. Dali lama is trying to get some semblance of better treatment for his people , he knows that it is no us appealing to the better nature of the Chinese government because they have none . Brutality and murder are there guiding principles

  10. The Dalai Lama presided over a 40 year period during which some of the worst abuses of human rights were ever seen.
    His racist agenda is the extinction of the Chinese race. Do not be fooled as underneath that orange robe you will find a nazi uniform.

  11. His mission was to create xenophobia and hatred of the Chinese.
    He has thus far succeeded in convincing and appealing to two groups of people.
    1. The Ignorant – the ones who state that China killed a million Tibetans in 1959 and yet Official Western and Eastern statistics show that the population of Tibet in 1946-58 was 1.2 million and was again in 1959-61. It was mathematically impossible and no evidence whatsoever of these alleged mass killings has ever been produced.
    2. The Racists/Bigots – They similarly spread the above lie but also orchestrate a ‘free Tibet’ campaign’ as a vehicle to conceal their hideous Nazi campaign.

  12. It is no wonder the human race is still killing and warring on each other when people believe what they are told by the nazi type minds that do exist in the world today
    Some people seem to want believe the propaganda that fuels these wars.
    Carry on without me. Self destruct if you will.
    One day you will know the truth and that is not what you currently believe.

  13. The Dalai Lama is a criminal. Just google ‘dalai lama + nazis’ to see more than just a few reliable sources that prove this.
    The Dalai lama represents a feudal system that strips away ALL rights from all except 1% of the heirachy of the lamaist regime. His intention is to anniliate the Chinese race in pretty much the same way as Hitler intended to wipe out the Jewish race. Under the dalai lama women have no rights whatsoever.
    It is pitiful how so many were conned for so long by so few.


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