Home Discussion Forum Doesn't spiritual evolution prove that there is something beyond the physical?

Doesn't spiritual evolution prove that there is something beyond the physical?

I know that many people think this one life is all there is, you are born, live, die and are gone forever. Doesn’t spiritual evolution negate that theory? How did we evolve as far as we have without a collecive consciousness that grows and changes? If there were no such thing we would still be trading in human slaves and going to watch gladiators kill each other. Doesn’t this shift in morality and human compassion prove that we are all invisibly connected by something beyond our total understanding? There is much more to humanity than we can possibly comprehend, something beyond the physical world we live in, agreed?


  1. This can certainly keep you up at night….
    Not everything can be ‘proven’.
    I love to think there is much more than just our physical world! We may be changing as a species, but that still doesn’t prove we are invisibly connected to anything.

  2. I can see what you’re saying, but I’m not sure that moral change and growth proves or disproves anything. It seems to me that as we gain more knowledge of history, and come to understand the other people who live on our planet more – we come to a natural consensus about whether certain things are right or wrong. There are some places on earth where people still trade in slaves and there are plenty of examples of man’s inhumanity to man everywhere you look.

  3. I don’t think we’ve come along as far as you think we have. Human slavery is still very active in many countries, such as Haiti. Gladiators is positively humane compared to what’s going on in Dafur. If anything, these current-day atrocities tell me there’s no ‘collective consciousness’. People have been killing each other for thousands of years, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. No, I don’t think this is proof of a soul or spirit.

  4. Trading in slaves and going to see gladiators fight has nothing to do with the spiritual .
    You’re talking about the advancement of civilization , and calling it ” spiritual evolution ” .
    Non-superstitious people believe that we’re not much different from all other living things here on earth , both plant and animal . We’re born ( or sprout from seed ) , we grow up , reproduce , grow old and die . That’s easy to understand , it’s very believable , it’s natural , it’s desireable .
    There is no need for superstitious imagination , fairy tales , souls , heaven , gods , angels , tooth fairies , fables , or any other type of nonsense .
    We will be , in the distant future , what we were is the distant past . We came from nothing , and will return to nothingness .

  5. True spiritual evolution is something that can be experienced, but it’s futile to attempt its expression in words, especially to anyone with no interest in the topic. Unity with divine consciousness is its own reward and requires no explanation. Whatever the outward signs manifesting from a self-realized saint, they are apparent to any ready to recognize them. All others should be left in peace to follow whatever path they’ve chosen. Missionary zeal is the mark of a religious huckster.

  6. I’ll dispute two things with you.Morality and compassion are not spiritual.I could make a case they are survival mechanisms.Brought about by biological evolution.Number two we’re all not that moral and compassionate.Turn off the electricity and in 48 hrs civilization would fall apart.Look at Africa,the Mideast, the Balkans and even New Orleans after Katrina.It doesn’t take long for some of us to start looting and even cutting each others heads off.Many times with spiritual motives.


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