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Doesnt Quantum Theory points towards Deism??

Im an atheist, however i keep an open mind and ive been doing research on Quantum Theroy and the Nature of Reality and it appears to me that on a fundamental basis if say a particle behaves in a certain way then why does it behave in that way?? What makes it pocess the properties it pocesses and why do the physical laws of the universe exist as they do??
Can anyone shed a bit of light on this for me


  1. Adding a creator behind it doesn’t really answer it though does it?
    Because then you have to ask what created that creator and why is the creator the way it is.

  2. Many say that science answers the ‘how’ questions and not the ‘why’ questions. I tend to agree with this. Science describes and predicts, but makes no attempt to suggest why. And maybe this is where spirituality may be necessary.
    A magnetic field is a concept that is useful when making calculations of forces between electric currents. But is it just a useful concept or an actual physical reality? Is it just the way we see it, the way our limited human brains grapple with an unlimited reality? Or does it really exist exactly the way we picture it in our heads? I tend more towards the former, as most scientific models and laws get modified over time to accomidate new measurements by more accurate instruments.
    I know I’m probably just muddying the water here instead of clarifying but I think that’s a good thing. It’s kind of relieving to think I don’ have to have it all figured out. That I can learn more, which is exiting.

  3. [a scientist] :”We don’t know EXACTLY how everything started”
    [a religious person] :”It was God!”
    [a scientist] :”You’re only saying that because you don’t know the answer”
    [a religious person] :”SO? You don;t have a better answer!”
    Sorry if that sounds offensive, that’s just how it plays out in my head. I believe in God and I’m going to study the universe when I go to university..
    Nobody knows the answers yet, and God just seems like an easy way to answer it. Maybe you can figure it out 😛


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