Home Discussion Forum Doesn't quantum entanglement prove that faster then light travel is possible?

Doesn't quantum entanglement prove that faster then light travel is possible?

Have they actually performed experiments where they’ve entangled two particles, sent one light minutes away on a spacecraft for instance, manipulated one and observed the other one responding instantaneously?


  1. No. The experiments have been performed, but the other particle does not “respond.” It is a matter of knowing the state of the other particle. If I send you a particle entangled to my particle and I measure mine, then I know the state of yours. No information has traveled to you and you know nothing about the particle until I classically communicate the result of my measurement to you. No information travels faster than the speed of like and certainly no particle travels faster than the speed of light.

  2. Quantum entanglement does not provide faster than light travel.
    Quantum mechanics does allow slightly-faster-than-light travel: a particle has some chance of appearing outside its light cone. The mechanism is basically the annihilation of the particle here, and a spontaneous appearance of an identical particle outside the light cone. The probability of this declines exponentially with distance from the light cone.

  3. The closer you push an object to the speed of light the more energy you need to get it that much closer. for example say i need 1 unit of energy to move an object 1% the speed of light, then you would need 2 units to move it 1 more percent, then you would need 4 units for 1 more percent, and it will keep increasing exponentialy until you need millions of units to move it a fraction of a percent closer to the speed of light (the units and rates in this example are fictional).
    to get an object at the speed of light you need an infinite amount of energy, thus only things with no mass like the photon and the graviton (light, magnetism, and gravity) can go at the speed of light and things with any mass, no matter how small, can’t because you would need an infinite amount of energy.
    to make something go faster than the speed of light you would need MORE than an infinite amount of energy, which is impossible.
    oh yeah if you think that wormholes are a solution they are not because to make a wormhole you would need to tear two holes in the fabric of space which is impossible. plus none have ever been found or created in a laboratory, including white holes.
    teleportation is also not a solution because to send information from one end to the other would go no faster than the speed of light (this is of course a solution to going at the speed of light, but you would have to have been at the destination to set up the other end).
    and finally tachyons are HIGHLY theoretical and even if they did exist it would be impossible to prove it.

  4. I know about the entanglement paradox you’re referring to. This is the result of a “thought experiment” where a pair of entangled but unobserved particles is separated and one is sent out a long way. Since the particles are unobserved they are in a superposition state – spinning both directions at once. So if you “freeze” one by observing its spin the other, light minutes or hours away will freeze too.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology to conduct this experiment right now. I’m absolutely sure if the experiment was conducted it would bear out the predicted results. I solve the paradox by challenging the concept of superposition. From where I sit the particles already have a predetermined spin – we just don’t know what it is. I know the math allows both states to exist at once, but I also know that many, many times equations can yield many possible answers, only one of which will be correct.
    This is not the generally accepted interpretation of quantum mechanics, but oh well. My professional reputation is not on the line, so I can afford to be objective!

  5. Yes the experiment has been run, I believe by Nicolas Gisin, but not with spacecraft … rather with fiber optic cables run over many kilometers. And no, it can’t be used to send information (including the information that makes up you) faster than the speed of light. This fact is conclusive and has been experimentally verified. However, the correlation between entangled particles is instantaneous, and although, to repeat, you can’t use the entanglement to signal faster than light, the correlation is so instantaneous that if you were try to maintain it with a classical channel, that channel would have to run at many orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. In fact, the likelihood is that entanglement is nothing whatsoever, but rather, a topological artifact of the possibility that there are extra dimensions that we can’t perceive.
    The way I like to explain this is that it’s like a Mercator Projection. What’s that? It’s a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional object. You know it as a map of the Earth. Earth is a 3-D ball. On a 2D sheet of paper, you have to slice the surface of the Earth like peeling an orange in order to lay the peel flat. In doing so, there are regions where you walk off the left side of the page and wrap-around to the right side of the page. The left and right sides are really the same place, but on the 2D projection of the 3D object, they look like they’re very far away. Entanglement is like that. The objects look like they’re distinct, but in reality, they’re really the same thing, just straddling a dimensional boundary that we can’t perceive because it’s a projection from a higher-order space. Hope this helps.

  6. I believe there is the tachyon, that does travel faster than light because there is no other explanation for the entanglement, as we measure particles or waves or there duality, it is what is in between the function of the state of the wave or particle that travels faster than light, as a particle is in the middle state of being a wave or particle that state I will call dual state transmits energy across space and time faster than light as there is no spin or probability and the function when the state is being measured is transmitted the energy is in the dual state, as tachyons are dual state energy sources there wave or particle is not detect as it is the entanglement we see and the energy, anyway what do these stupid scientists know except say what some one else says because their to scared to go out on a limb.


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