Doesn't consciousness make humans feel powerful and is this evidence of a spirit for you?

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It feel like there’s a mystical quality about life and existence, and this is what some people call spirits or spirituality or whatever. Do you feel endowed with special powers, or do you think it’s just an illusion?

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can u define “spirit” or “soul” for me?
cuz every person i ask who believes in them either has a blank expression or just looks kind of defeated


Illusion. There’s a difference between feeling like you have special powers and having special powers. It’s all in your head. And I don’t mean you’re professor X.


I’d call it self-awareness, a pretty much universal human trait. Of course, if you’re channeling Palin…..

Angel Warrior

Conscienceness cannot come from raw material, it can only come from God. God breathed spirit into humanity

Not a Member

I am endowed with special powers… and it is just an illusion. You can have your cake… but you have to both make it and be able to eat it.


Conciousness makes me feel alive. Nothing more…

Gary Oster

I think it’s the way our brains are structured — the thinking part operates separately from the feeling part.
I don’t feel I have special powers, but maybe my dog does — magically making food appear and such. My cat probably thinks she has special powers, seeing that all she has to do is stare at me long enough to make me get food.


Consciousness is a result of growing complexity in the brain, for which you can thank naturalistic evolution. It’s purely chemical.


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