Doesn't belief in astrology add programming to your psyche?





I am aiming this question towards those people who utilize astrology only. Does believing in astrology signify a readiness to accept traits from a social model of consensus (including a long tradition of observation), adverse to a belief that people can create themselves into any possibility?


  1. Greetings!
    There are many different Schools of Astrology that each answer your “accept”/”adverse” question in ways you might find interesting.
    Many people, ancient, and modern do fit into your profile however, and, if you are developing a model……..I`ll check back later!
    In that case……

  2. No, any belief in astrology only shows that the believer is an ignorant git. There is AbZero evidence for astrology being anything other than very bad fiction.
    For that matter, if we’re going to discuss the effects of other bodies on people, when you were born, the doctor in the delivery room exerted more gravitation effect on you than any off Earth body did.
    He was smaller, but he was also much, MUCH closer…

  3. Just as I believe in many other issues, this doesn’t have to black and white, from one extreme to the next.
    See, I do utilize astrology at least a few times a week. When I do, I’m either looking for guidance or I’m just curious to see what it says. I don’t believe it limits me to one particular destiny–it sets a very general guidline for my fate, one that was already predetermined by God. But my choices, ideas, and specific actions decide the real path that my fate goes, and the real way my life will turn out.
    When I read my horoscope, I don’t look at it as, ‘This says that I have to do this today, so I’m going to do it.’ I say to myself, ‘This looks like an interesting guideline to my day. Maybe if I see an opportunity, I’ll use some of the things it says. But I know, either way, I’ll end up in my ideal destiny because God is watching out for me.’

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