Does your martial art incorporate Zen, Koans & or meditation?

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Is it a benefit, or a hinderance taking time that could be better used for something more practical? Do you see them, and these practices as specific to a religion, (Buddhism) or merely a spiritual practice that can be understood from any religion? (Just as Prayer is used as a tool across many religions)

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Bluto Blutarsky16

yes, I find that meditating while on the throne cuts my loaf-pinching time down by as much as 42.9% (I’ve timed it).
thus leaving me more time to train.
however as we spent aproximately 123 hours of class time installing toilets and cleaning the gym to learn this ancient technique, the time spent has not averaged out yet- it will eventually.


meditation is used in mnay religons,in mnay different ways…..i think martial arts itself have meditation in them,such as the kata`s to be “used”,i think they are of meditational usage….also for people who are into metaphysics,and reiki/chakra usage..i think that it would be very important to them……..
blessings and namaste

Big Foot

We only have a short “Moksu” at the start
Meditation is great, it builds concentration and clears your mind but why waste time doing it during martial arts? I go to the dojo to practice and work up a sweat, I meditate at home
I think meditating during martial arts training is just lazynes, 5 min is alright, maby as a break after doing something dificult, but if you havent worked up a sweat and you sit down for more than five min to get “enlightened” then you are lazy 😀

R. Lee

We just take a water break


Zen and meditation yes. One could always benefit from a calm and unattached mind to enhance one’s trained reflexes. But Koans? I don’t know about that, I mean it’s fine to keep your mind sharp and all, but trying to answer rhethorical riddles like “What’s the sound of one hand clapping?” doesn’t exactly make you a better fighter. As far as I know, Koans were devises used by Zen Buddhists to promote enlightenment. By understanding and discovering the whole point of a Koan, one is able to have clarity and therefore a better understanding of the world around him. And from that enlightenment comes tolerance, patience, understanding and a sense of peace with the world around him, thus eschewing the need to resort to violence to make oneself heard.


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