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Does your head explode when you reach level 7? Or do they just give you candy & flowers?

My friend told me she had a full-blown kundalini experience the moment she hit the point threshold for level 7 and attained full consciousness. I think she’s lying. She also told me she invented David Hasselhoff’s advanced smart car with artificial intelligence in that 80’s show Knight Rider.
Gosh Zed, your answer is so FRIENDLY. Odds are you’ll get 10 points for your ANSWER.
This actually is a question. I heard they were thinking of adding some things for people at various levels and this is my circuitous way of asking about what happens lately.


  1. level 7 means what to me? is there any financial reward there?You know now work for rewards and in terms of US dollars! I need much money now for i will soon be at level zero.

  2. i am still waiting to become enlightened. i guess i am not worthy.
    no candy, no flowers
    oh i did get a congratulatory e-mail from Y!A


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