Does yoga sort out your breathing?

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My breathing pattern has been thrown out for years or something like that,i can’t really explain it but i struggle to breath a lot and no i don’t have asthma! When i’m struggling to get the proper amount of air my thoughts are never good and i know once i sort out my breathing they will be,i just wanna be able to breath properly!

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There is a great yoga breathing technique that is supposed to help sort out your breathing pattern, I wish I could find the website…
Basically you cover one nostril and breath in, then exhale through the other nostril and switch the one you’re covering and do it repeatedly for a while. I’ll edit this if I find it…
Ok this isn’t the site I found before but it has a lot of information I think would be helpful:


yeah it also helps with flexibility strength of muscles and endurability and try going to your doctors you may have a problem with your airways or lungs good luck


it helps. but if you smoke the best thing you can do is give up!

bridget c

Yoga is fantastic for slowing down and controlling your breathing.Its where it all begins.Most of us nowadays breathe far too quickly,but we just need to get into practice by taking big deep breaths instead.This immediatly makes you feel calmer and more balanced.Ive done yoga every morning for years, and if i miss it, i feel really out of sorts.Its the perfect balance, working on both mind and body, and leaves you feeling fantastic.


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