Does yoga really work on making you calmer?

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I’m just one of those people who worries and stresses out about a lot of things. Does yoga really work? I’ll be starting my first class next week, so what should i expect?

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Absolutely. If it’s general Hatha yoga you should feel calmer after your first class. Scientific studies have shown that yoga reduces anxiety and increases mental clarity. I can atest to this myself. The more you go, the calmer you’ll be.
Know that it will be very challenging at first. Many of the positions may feel awkward and you will be sore afterward. That’s normal and healthy. It will get easier with each class.

Happy the Pink Clown

Yoga is awesome!


“We are what we repeatedly do”
yoga = flexibility = focus = discipline mind = calmer = centered = control of your mind
The Key to healthy consistent Yoga regimen is effective and disciplined stretching
but the real secret is Stretch and the hold the stretch for 15 – 20 seconds which will build the muscles and give you better
oxygenated blood flow to the peripheries
The problem with many potential yoga enthusiasts is they are unable to hold their stretch so that the spine ligaments muscles
can stretch longer and will work a tad better the next day .
Repeated process of stretching will get you the advanced levels and positions of yoga.
To help Yoga patrons we have come out with the simple Stretching product that will do 3 important things
1. Helps you hold the stretch to improve your flexibility
2. A simple progress beads scale that will measure your progress
3. And most importantly motivates you to stretch daily…
Benefits of this new exciting product are:
Light weight
Inexpensive – low-priced big value
Simple to use
Minimal storage
0 moving parts
0 Assembly
0 Maintenance
use it to stretch at home office airport bus stand anywhere just stand on it! And stretch away
100% natural
Not a pill
Safe and effective
Promotes fast healing and quick recovery
Makes you good all over while keeping you inspired for a healthy long pain free life
Stretching benefits…
If efficient Stretching is not occurring and there is a blood traffic jam in the pipes (thereby increasing Free radicals in
the impure blood #1 aging accelerator) and blood circulation weakens which causes several chronic ailments like
Back pain, stress, fatigue, depression , lethargy , aging , early wrinkles , low immunity etc…
Give your self 30 seconds daily and feel fit and healthy for life with this great simple stretching aide that costs less
5 mochas : )
Happy stretching and get those juices flowing


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