Does yoga really change your body like that?

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I’m starting to do Yoga. I love the way other “yoga people” seem to have long and lean and limber bodies… How long before you start to see changes. I’m doing an hour a day, but i just started.

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Yoga surprisingly does do ALLOT for your body and fitness, so in short: Yes.


just in 3weeks believe me you will see the change..and it is really a good one..good luck..

Mike is me

first you would need the body type to have it. If you are not naturally lean and thin you never will be without any type of surgery. If you have the body type, but just have not been exercising and eating right you will find that body again with the exercise and diet. But its mostly genetic, but dont let that discourage you, even if you have a bigger frame you can still benefit from exercise, you just wont have a extremely skinny build, which is a good thing trust me.

Paul M

Yoga is very good, try it! Just try it


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