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Does Witchcraft have any side effects to the witch?

I have did 1 witchcraft practice, and i did it my own version is that bad? And while i was doing it and after i felt very very errire. So is there any bad stuff about witchcraft?


  1. Witchcraft is a craft, it’s not an attempted thing (like a spell), it’s a practice that you either do or don’t do.
    Each individual practitioner’s craft is “their version”, so no it’s not bad. You felt “eerie” because you have hidden fears of Witchcraft, negative associations that you have carried with you. Many Witches who first begin have those types of feelings, but with continued (proper) study, and dedication to the craft, those feelings go away.
    The only thing one should worry about in Witchcraft is lack of knowledge. If you don’t know anything about a particular craft or act, DO NOT attempt it.
    @Rowan: What you describe is NOT karma. People’s view of Karma (thanks to Wicca) is erroneous. If people want to incorporate western philosophies into their religious practices, they should do proper research on it, instead of blindly following what others say. Karma travels through to the next life, it does not wholely affect this life. It is also not a punishment for someone who does anything negative, nor does it mean that person will feel it 3, 9, 12, whatever number of times.

  2. People have all kinds of pre-concieved notions about Witchcraft they learned from horror movies and Christian murmurrings. That’s probably why you felt eerie… these things were probably in the back of your mind and creeped you out, and since you were winging it like that it seems you probably have not had the proper training or education to understand what you were doing.
    Witchcraft is just that– a craft. It’s an ancient spiritual craft rooted in nature and psychology.
    Nothing bad has ever happened to me practicing Witchcraft… and other than feeling a bit drained occasionally afterward, I’ve never had any ill-effects.

  3. Some people think it is better that you write your own spells because it will add a personal note to your work. It is important that you know about the meanings of colors, planetary hours, etc before you go writing any spells. Don’t do anything that will interfere with another persons will or hurt anyone. This is basic Karma. Whatever energy you send out will come back to you 3 fold. If you use a spell to hurt someone it will come back on you 3 times as bad. You also need to protect yourself when you do spells…cast a protective circle, anoint yourself with protective oils…something of that nature.


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