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Does watching ghost hunters and other paranormal shows bring in negative energy to me?

My mom thinks I watch it too much but to me it’s just really interesting. She says that she’s scared it’s putting a lot of negative energy on me and it might bring something evil into the house or something. Is this possible?
i don’t know thats just what my mom said. just that it might be bringing negative things into the house.


  1. what is this “energy” that you speak of? unless it can perform work, its not energy. ghosts have never been demonstrated to exist, what the “ghost hunters” do is take a bunch of gadgets that they barely understand the workings of, into a dark house(whys it have to be dark?) and chalk every little mysterious reading up to there being a “ghostly presence” in the house. its anomaly hunting, finding strange things and proclaiming that your world view is automatically proven, when in fact all you’ve done is shown everybody something that you don’t understand.
    the only harm these shows cause is motivating you to pass off what you don’t know as something you do know. it prompts you to accept arguments from ignorance as valid evidence which it’s not.

    • Yes……so do not watch paranormal shows! All I can tell you is that by you showing any interest in the paranormal….is a positive sign to spirits that you are interested int hem…

  2. No,watching Ghost Hunters won’t bring in any negative energy or spirits, I’ve been a paranormal fan for years and watch every ghost show that they have ever made.

  3. Yes, it’s very very dangerous, don’t do it!
    The negative energies will make you listless and bad tempered affect your digestion cause horrible nightmares.
    Switch off the television and read a decent book or go and play in the garden to restore the balance of positive energies to your home.

  4. it ok to watch shows.but you can learn form some shows . Evil can control you.but it up to you. the mind is a door too good or bad,.we have to make chooses ever day.but the true way to being safe,and you can find it in a book of word that the oldes book ever wrote.you can lean to be safe form any evil ,form fear to love.how to be happy .To living a bless life .he we show you the true way to life for ever.this book bible .there are lots of books.and show that help too.look and you will find ask in your mind to find, J. .

  5. It’ll only bring negative things if you think of it as a negative thing. For instance if you think they’re all idiots and that they shouldn’t be researching and spirits and stuff like that don’t exist etc. it could bring something less than positive in the house but that’s very unlikely and because you’re only curious you should be fine.

  6. No, that is not possible. Your mom is superstitious but she is your mom. Respect her as a mother but use critical thinking when dealing with things of this nature and make up your own mind. Many religious church teachings claim that can happen but that is just a religious teaching and has no scientific documentation.

  7. I don’t think so. But if you watch something spooky and it scares you enough, you could feel like something is in the house, know what I mean? Does your Mom watch it with you or do you watch it a lot when she is around? It might be creeping her out. Maybe you should try watching it when she isn’t around…if it is worrying her this much.
    Doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not, it is worrying her and if she thinks it might bring negative things in the house…she might end up blaming an argument you two have later for it…or something like that. Best to take her worry seriously and find some constructive ways to ease her fears.

  8. Let your Mom know she has nothing to worry about no negative energy or evil will follow you home. That’s just not the way it works. I’m a Professional Paranormal investigator and I’ve been in some scary places and nothings followed me home yet so watching a TV show I’m Sure your Safe.

    • Cody June 22, 2010 at 9:56 am Reply
      Let your Mom know she has nothing to worry about no negative energy or evil will follow you home. That’s just not the way it works. I’m a Professional Paranormal investigator and I’ve been in some scary places and nothings followed me home yet so watching a TV show I’m Sure your Safe.
      Cody, you really are immature and inexperienced, Ghosts can certainly attach themselves to people as they use peoples energy to manifest.. I’m a professional paranormal investigator and Audio Tech with a group in Australia, I have to say that with an attitude like yours, you may well have an attachment with you, This is no joke or laughing matter, you and most people do not know or realise what you are dealing with, do you not think for one minute that shows like Ghost Adventures and TAPS are protected one way or another through blessings and the Church.. for these guys to go in certain places these people are vulnerable to spiritual or demonic attachments.. Cody.. Do some research before you post false comments..

  9. I really think that it can. I used to watch on Discovery Channel “A Haunting” and I think I encouraged a spirit in the house.

  10. From experience, I do not watch many scary movies or shows because I draw negative energy. My mind isn’t in the right place and it draws energies of all types to me, giving me a very eerie feeling. Your mother is correct. My advice would be to watch until you are numb from the exposure, or stop if you are worried or get nightmares or that “weird” feeling.
    And yes, lots of negativity can draw more negativity.

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  12. I was thinking the same thing, but I read everyone else’ s comments & came up with one answer.. No. lol
    Paranormal investigators are sometimes followed home, some have been doing for yrs & have never had anything follow them.
    It’s up to you. If you create the bad energy then maybe things will occur in a home.. if you believe in God like myself, having confidence nothing will harm you helps a lot lol.. if you’re not into religion then again, you control what goes on in your head..
    idk if you agree or not with what i’ve said, but bottom line there’s no way spirits/ghosts can transfer thru your tv, unless you know of some rituals or call them etc…

  13. I believe maybe I am a meduim. I have had lots of experiences. I work at a hosptial and have seen spirits there. Also, I have had ‘dreams’ with meaning about the dead or life happenings. I feel energy with certain death (one who is going to die). I get feelings about situations and have seen power of prayer for the sick. I was raised catholic but am not church going. I enjoy watching paranormal shows but when I do I have a heightened energy. If you are open to supernatural happenings then I do think you can be affected. Our house was not ‘haunted’ until after I opened up and now they come for me. If you are negative I think it brings negativity, but knowing to pray and believing you are safe will help you. This is my first post about haunting/ghost activity.

    • I am a sensitive to both the living and.the dead and have been.doing readings and spiritual guidance to those I have met by standing next to them. When I feel strongly that it is necessary to tell a mere stranger that a person that was very much a part of their lives. I have helped change people around that were heading down a hard and destructive lifestyle because.of losing a loved one. One example was a woman who went from being emotionally distraught and chemically dependant on drink and drugs and are merely touching the readers hand. But when.I see this happening I must go to that st0rpanger and tell them what they need to do. In this instance a woman lost her father unexpectedly. I told her there was a self help book her father begged her to read while he was living. She didn’t want to read it because she felt that she did it would open.up pain and no help would come from it. Her father who had past away a year ago was coming back to her via the candle ritual she did every night to talk to him. Well I have her the exact name of the book and told her to read it. That this book would change her life for the better. I also keyed in.on things only she and him had known. She was sobbing by the end.of the conversation. I noticed she had stopped coming into the bar I have her this info at for over a year. Then a year to date she came in.the bar and ordered a soda. She had completely changed her.life for.the better and she regained her job back and did a 380. She bought a house met the love of her life and came to me and hugged me crying tears of joy. Told me I changed her life dramatically. She regained the trust of her son and life was great for her. She had been.visiting the bar I have her the reading at waiting to see me and graciously thanked me for saving her.life. I said u did what dad wanted u.to do and u did this on.Ur own.U just needed to face reality. She offered me money and whatnot I refused to take it. Later I found out she had a baby and named the baby after me. I was so thankful to not charge anything because it was so strong that she needed this. Because later she told me she would have ended her life that night had I not intervened.

  14. Why is it so hard for some people to open up and admit that there is the possibility that these things exist? I don’t understand it. What are they afraid of? I do believe that people ignore the possibility of their existence because it scares them. Or they have no imagination and, if so, I feel sorry for them. Not having the ability to admit that anything is possible is kind of a little sad. Another thing I have noticed is that people who don’t believe in anything do not have any respect for anyone who does believe, and that really ticks me off. I’m not talking religion-wise, so don’t get confused. The only way a non-believer starts to believe is if they have an experience of their own that is so profound they can’t come up with any explanation for it. As for the question at hand, I do believe it can be possible to invite spirits in if you are opening yourself up to the possibilities (are you surprised by my answer?). People who sense things around them doesn’t mean that the shows are frightening them (some people here think that people who sense things/spirits is only chalked up to them being scared by a show- it’s not always the case). Also, why do people care so much and are so adamant on putting people who do believe in such things down? So many people are attacked for believing in certain things… No wonder society is so ignorant these days. It’s sad….

    • I have noticed that every time I am consumed by watching destination America which has show after show of spiritual phenomenon. What I have noticed that when I am bringing on these shows it’s for my flux of a to ity already starting before I turn these shows on for hours at a time. The reason I do start eat Hong these shows is not to gather info but to disband a lot of what is happening in these shows.My number one pet peeve is that these shows are not letting the public distinct what is being seen or heard by the public live. Watching these shows by adding scary type music throughout the show which does not give sensitives as myself a chance to hear what is going honours opens the karmic response. . I do spot orbs they constantly miss and then I start seeing orbs and lights in my near presence. I already know that I have two spirits that stay in.My and my son’s room. So him and I experience a lot of their actions. But I am absolutely positive that by watching these shows for. I can see and hear things they miss on these shows all the time. I hope this is helpful.

  15. I watch paranormal things all the time and nothing bad has ever happened. Not a single door close on iits own without human force or drift not a single thing falling off shelves not a single whisper. Everything would be fine.

  16. I have been watching a lot of these shows and my life is in a bad place. Nothing happened until I watched the episode about the haunted wine box. I was watching the bit when the wine box is opened and suddenly my tablet started playing a simple tune, at first I thought it was the TV. I went to switch it off and the music app was set to play an old Beatles song. I stopped the music and my other tablet started up with an unknown song. I turned everything off, but later the lights suddenly went off. I was so spooked I sat up till daybreak. Still can’t explain it but it’s certainly made me think again about watching these shows. I said the Lord’s prayer and asked for protection.

  17. I watched ghost adventures nearly 2 days ago and ever since watching them I feel weird like a demon is next to me, feel sick at random times and felt a cold blow to my shoulders when I was sleeping yesterday night

  18. Yes you most definitely can invite evil into your home. I say listen to your mum, she only says that because she obviously cares about you. I used to watch Ghost Hunters and many other paranormal programs as I found them entertaining. But my entertainment invited something into my home that was absolutely terrifying to me. I became a magnet for negative entities and eventually became afraid of the dark. From fearless to fearful I began leaving a trail of lights on behind me when I would walk around my home at night. I have literally been physically paralyzed by fear caused by something wanting to harm me. Once I stopped watching programs containing the paranormal it stopped.

    • Lee, it is of great importance you overcome your fear, or you will continue to feed that negative energy. It can’t harm you unless you let it. By overcoming your fear you will become greatly advanced on the road to truth.

  19. I was very young when I exposed myself to “dark” media (television). Yes. It is so entertaining.. We think we are watching these things for knowledge or solely to be able to observe and mock the credibility of shows such as Ghost Adventures which is centered around paranormal investigations in locations all over the country that “hold dark pasts” and carry dark energies with entities that like to attach themselves to objects, people, and locations. Some that are discovered to be hostile and dangerous. Its easy to talk yourself through each episode until it is bed time and lights out. But then your imagination comes to life and you realize your number one fear is having your feet grabbed because they are sticking out of the blanket, or worse yet- feel your blanket being pulled off of you. So you lie there in the dark clutching the covers as tightly as you can, preparing to defend yourself by this dark evil force. Yes. Our minds love to play tricks on us. Maybe we imagine noises. We visualize what we have seen and heard from our TV shows. However. The feeling follows us throughout the next day. And we feel compelled to continue viewing these shows (which are designed to give their viewers the chills) It is part of the entertainment factors that satisfy a specific target audience. But lets be honest. There is always an energy that follows us. If we were watching the Lion King per say, the energy would be completely different. If we were watching a biblical video which portrays the life of Christ, there is an energy. A spirit. There is light and there is darkness in this world. If we watch wholesome things that invite the spirit (the holy ghost, the holy spirit, etc. – for anyone who believes in Christianity)… Then who is to say we cannot invite the opposite kind of spirit? The opposite kind of energy? We invite what things we let in. Whether that be light or darkness. I am LDS, I am young. And even with this knowledge, I sometimes sit with Ghost Adventures (for example: right now… S13 E12 where there is poltergeist activity and demonic entities pretending to be innocent childlike spirits) now to think… Does this invite light or darkness? For the past two days I have felt a heavy presence following me. I do not mean an entity. But I have invited the darkness into my life and I can feel it in my head. My heart. My chest. My soul. It is not necessarily dangerous and does not mean all of the sudden you or your home is a haunted location. It means you are craving the light and you need to find it again even if you think you don’t know how to. Watch the Lion King (:


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