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Does washing our body with salty water get rid of the negative energy we have?


  1. salt is a spiritual stablizer it is commonly used for protection spells because it repels evil and bad juju. If you have negativity clinging to you the salt in the water will help to expell it; freeing your good juju to help you feel better and safer. If in doubt do a cleansing spell or have someone skilled do it for you and ask that they put up a salt barrier around your home. This should stop any evil from entering unless you invite it in.

  2. Yes,but with pouring to your body,and let it dry.After 30 minute or 1 hour,take bath with warm water. The explain is, salt water will crystallization,when they grow,they absorb the negative energy and absorb unused mineral in our pore that make us can’t absorb the positive energy from nature. After wash away with warm water, SALT crystal with negative energy will wash off.


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