Does Vipassana heal the physical body?

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The purpose of Buddhist meditation, Vipassana or otherwise, is not just for curing physical diseases. If physical healing happens to occur then it is considered a byproduct of the practice, nothing more. A whole range of stress related physical illnesses such as stomach ulcers, angina, migraine, etc., could be alleviated by meditation practice. But meditation is not about miraculous cure – that is more of the nature of faith healing.
Healing and transformation is the outcome of the practice. All forms of suffering or mental pain, such as anguish, remorse, grief, etc., can be cured in Vipassana meditation, through the purification of the mind.


it works if you have faith in what your wanting, and the person who does it on you.


I believe it can if you believe it will….to a certain extent.
Just as any form of belief can…. if…. you are open minded enough, and allow it to consume your entire being!

wie flirtet man

Jau so is es


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