does vanity, narcisism, an inflated ego help you to become a more spiritual person?

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Or does it help you to be “popular” on R&S so your worshippers will feed you ego at every opportunity?

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dog sneeze penguin pride

the meek shall inherit the kingdom

HUG Brigade

sometimes people who use vanity and narcisism in this type of forum …. are quite often very shy individuals in real life
it is a persona
and they like to have a little fun with that
no harm done if you ask me


I am not vane (looks in the mirror)
I am not narsisistic (looks in the mirror)
I do not have an inflated ego (flexes ego)
(looks in the mirror some more)
I’m sorry I forgot what the question was I got distracted looking at myself in the mirror admiring my ego.. 🙂


no, but it sure helps one hold fast to being an atheist…


Nope. Just the opposite.


My being Catholic is about humility and the pursuit of works..
Vanity? No, I have a spot on my shirt right now..
Narcissism? No, when I pray I don’t think of myself. I pray for family, friends, the world. I think of God and Jesus and pray to them.
Ego? I don’t put myself above others because of my faith. The New Testament is filled with warnings from Christ about doing this.. All are equal in the eyes of God.

Da Mick

I think they do the opposite…


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