• My being Catholic is about humility and the pursuit of works..

    Vanity? No, I have a spot on my shirt right now..

    Narcissism? No, when I pray I don’t think of myself. I pray for family, friends, the world. I think of God and Jesus and pray to them.

    Ego? I don’t put myself above others because of my faith. The New Testament is filled with warnings from Christ about doing this.. All are equal in the eyes of God.

  • I am not vane (looks in the mirror)

    I am not narsisistic (looks in the mirror)

    I do not have an inflated ego (flexes ego)

    (looks in the mirror some more)

    I’m sorry I forgot what the question was I got distracted looking at myself in the mirror admiring my ego.. 🙂

  • sometimes people who use vanity and narcisism in this type of forum …. are quite often very shy individuals in real life
    it is a persona
    and they like to have a little fun with that
    no harm done if you ask me

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