Does Transcendental Meditation bestow the ability to solve Transcendental Equations in your head?

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No more of that tedious successive approximation stuff.
It seems to work. I transcendentally meditated just now, and it suddenly came to me that when M=0 then u must also equal zero in
M = u – e sin u
Just in case that was a fluke, I chose another value, M=pi, and transcendentally meditated that the answer must be u=pi. It works! It works!

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That question is almost completely retarded


I know several meditators. So far as I can tell they remove all thought from their heads — which I guess transcends mathematics.

Sure, but you have to stand on your head to do it, and when you’re done you can’t articulate the solution.

Dr. Jean Tobin

TM is NOT practiced standing on your head and it is not necessary to remove all thought from your head! It’s natural, simple, easy, effortless ( It does result in clearer thinking, better academic performance, higher IQ, and many other benefits in all areas of life as verified by 358 published peer-reviewed studies, including 35 Random Controlled Trials and 8 Meta-Analyses. Learning TM from a Certified TM Teacher is the best decision ever made.


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