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Does traditional and modern Judaism consider the Kabbalah to be a valid system of belief?

I have heard many sides of one story, per usual, when asking such a question–from both sides. I am curious if there is even a simple answer to the question; but would like to understand if Kabbalah is considered valid among the traditional and modern Jewish beliefs?


  1. Yes, we do. Kabbalah is not so much a belief system as it is the mystical branch of Judaism, wherein an attempt is made to explain how the infinite G-d can be manifest in a finite world.

  2. Of course it is. It is nothing more than an extension of Judaism, but not to be studied alone or without extensive knowledge of Judaism itself.
    Judaism is much more than a *belief* system or a path to eternal bliss in the afterlife. Judaism teaches a way of life and instructions for living as a civilized people among the savages. We don’t impose our system on anyone, but we do believe it is the best system available for living together in justice and kindness.

  3. Unddortunately your question displays a lack of knowledge about what Kabbalah really is-not your fault, but rather the fault of the media which tends get it wrong time after time. So- lets explain where Kaballah fits into everything else.
    When the Torah is studied it is under a system known as PaRDeS (which can be translated as orchard)- and like an orchard it has various aspects to it:
    P(shat)- this is the literal or simple understanding of the text (which) is far from simple actually…) Think of this as the soil, the foundation for everything else.
    R(emez)- the alluded to meanings in the words- gematria (understanding by converting words to numbers and finding similarities between words and phrases), words with deficient or extra letters etc all fit into this area of study
    D(rash)- the allegorical and hinted to meanings- this is where the Midrash is found- and can sometimes be allegorical, sometimes halachic.
    S(od)- Literally meanig secret, this is the area of study also known as Kaballah (received tradition)- which was traditionally not written down but only taught orally from teacher to student in an one on one fashion.
    So, what is Kabbalah? it is one of the various ways in which we study and understand the Torah. It is not a belief systen on its own, it cannot be understood in any context but a Jewish one within the Torah. Unfortunately, cults and scam artists know how little real knowledge of Kaballah is available to the layman and they make millions bilking people out of their money selling worthless pieces of red string for vast sums of money and other such nonsense


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