Home Discussion Forum does time the dimension exist BECAUSE of consciousness or ALONG with consciousness?

does time the dimension exist BECAUSE of consciousness or ALONG with consciousness?

and unrelated question..
and how do you get living microorganisms from non-living elements? [i asked this in biology and no one really dared to answer.]
and if you can answer that then why cant you ‘engineer’ life from it?
two unrelated questions, but their answers are pivotal for man’s increase in knowledge about the universe.
i am science’s worst enemy, yet greatest ally
quantum cop; have you ever experienced time when every human was dead?? how do you know that time keeps happening without any consciousness?


  1. The simple answer to (2) is that there is no clear dividing line between what is life and what is not. And that is one reason why life is now so hard to define. Bacteria can exist without a cell wall (L-forms) so in a way they are little different from complex organic chemical mixtures.

  2. To answer your first question, I would say that time exists along with consciousness. According to Einstein’s special relativity, time and space are very closely related, and one can in fact affect the other (this is why things moving rapidly through space with respect to you seem to be passing through time more slowly). So really, time exists because space exists.

  3. according to scientific theories the dimension of time exists independent of consciousness. there may be philosophical theories where this is not the case
    living organisms may arise from non-living elements under the exact conditions that allow the right reactions to occur
    you can engineer life from non-living elements only if you can exactly establish the correct conditions
    how do we know anything? you may find ontology interesting

  4. Because the Universe came into existence before consciousness, time has to be a separate entity. It existed long before us, and will continue long after we are gone. Time and space do not exist independently of each other, but as dimensions of the whole, as what Einstein called “space-time”. By the way, my PhD is in physics, not biology, but as I understand it, we do not truly know at what point the inanimate becomes life. Even the recent experiments which many newspapers described as creating life started with a preexisting cell, so as usual, it seems the papers have been guilty of some hyperbole at the very least.

  5. 1. Time is the rate at which events in the universe occur relative to each other.Therefore time is real, not just the produce of our imagination.
    2. Scientists are working on it. In fact, there was recent news that they successfully created artificial life. In nature, it seems that certain types of molecules can group to create structures such as liposomes, which can serve as a membrane that lets certain chemical substances through but doesn’t let the others. Other molecules respond to a stimulus and change their shape, or even move. Little things like that, when grouped together and worked on by the natural selection, was probably what produced life. At the bottom of it all, life is the result of intermolecular interactions.


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