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Does this sound too complicated to you?

Okay, I’m currently writing a story and these are the ‘technicalities’ behind the plot.
This is a new take on angels by the way, so be prepared for a bit of abnormality.
Ok… Where to start…?
Ah! Ok, here is the life cycle of an angel in my story:
Angel Childhood: Angels spend the first 100 years of their life up in the ‘Atmos’ which is similar to the human concept of Heaven, learning about the Earth and humans etc. When the children have reached approximately their 100th year in the Atmos, they are sent down to Earth.
Angel Adolescence: The purpose of sending angels down to Earth is so they can ‘earn their wings’. Adolescent angels look similar to humans in almost every respect, so they can blend in on Earth. To earn his or her wings, an angel must save a human’s life, which sounds easy, but the Angel Elders (which are like a jury/council type thing) have many rules associated with all of angel adolescence, which young angels have to adhere to strictly. Adolescence is the longest part of angel life, and for most angels this part can come close to 250 years in length.
Angel Adulthood: Once an adolescent angel has earnt their wings, they can no longer blend in on Earth, and their reward for saving this human’s life is to ascend back up to the Atmos and become a fully-fledged adult angel. Adulthood lasts for around 100 years in the Atmos.
Right, now that’s over with, here’s the bit you need to concentrate on…
When an angel first descends to Earth, they gain an ‘aura’. This aura is NOT transmitted or anything in normal behaviour, but if an angel concentrates, s/he can focus the ENERGY of his/her ‘aura’ to a specific point e.g. a fingertip, and transfer it to another being. The energy of the ‘aura’ depends on the sort of childhood that particular angel had. For instance, if an angel had a happy childhood, the ‘aura’ that they could transmit would infer a feeling of euphoria in the being it was transferred to.
However if the angel was a bully for instance, like one of my characters was, their ‘aura’ would create a feeling of powerlessness within the being it was transmitted to, and a warning to back down and back off.
Another one of my characters was the victim of the bully mentioned above, and his emotional hurt from when he was being tormented is what is transferred in his ‘aura’. Except it isn’t kept at an emotional level. His ‘aura’ creates a knawing physical pain, sort of like progressive poisoning that wears down the being it is transmitted to, and that is difficult to cure. This is the inciting incident in my story, as he inflicts this ‘poisoning’ on a human for various reasons.
The last of my angel characters is the one who tried his very best to protect the victim from the bully as often as he could. Therefore, his ‘aura’ is a protective one, inspiring a feeling of trust and protection in the one it is transmitted to.
This might take a couple of reads to get, but any comments are appreciated. If it is too complicated, just say ‘I DON’T GET A WORD OF THIS’. I’ll understand.
Also, if you do get it, this is all copyrighted by my agent so don’t copy any of it!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I wouldn’t dream of stealing any ideas btw. I have enough of my own. lol
    It all sounds well thought out and well developed. I would be interested in reading more.

  2. You can’t copyright ideas – which makes it pretty obvious that you don’t have an agent either, I’m afraid. They would know that.
    don’t get “angel” anywhere from these descriptions. I get “random alien creature”. Why are you calling them angels? Non-Christians won’t read your story becuse they’ll think it’s religious, and Christians will be utterly bemused by what these creatures have to do with the angels of their religion.

  3. I understand it perfectly. It’s not confusing at all. My only question: How is the bully ever going to earn his wings?

  4. Really creative. No Id on`t think that it`s confusing or anything. People who read books often can understand this in one read. I think it`s a very original idea and encourage you to write about it. The “aura” you mention is simply in my opinion a form of Empathy. Well reversed Empathy which the Angel does`t feel the other persons feeling but transfers their own feelings. Well I need to know more to see the benefit of it but other than that it is great and write about it. Really!


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