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Does this sound like ego death to you? Does this make sense, or resonate, with anybody?

I felt my ego collapse. I could no longer define myself. I no longer felt separate from anything. That’s why I told you I wasn’t sure if I existed anymore. I felt all my identity dissolve. I thought about my personal relationships. I used to think that my Mother was just MY Mother. My friends were MY friends. But that quickly changed during the process. No longer was everything MINE or connected solely to ME. I used to connect to reality believing I was the only true connection. A few days later, I began to realize that I finally disconnected my identity to all my surroundings. My Mother was her own spiritual being. So was my friends, and even my cat. Nothing was mine, my connection to reality wasn’t through me anymore. It was through a greater whole.


  1. yes it resonates and then they introduced that new push up wonder bra and i found my ego again only it was 2 cups larger

  2. Ego is just your survival mentality. You are making statements of existence. In your paragraph, you have said “I,” “My,” “Mine,” “Me.” These pronouns are statements of BEING. If you could no longer define yourself (thus having become ONE with the ALL THAT IS), how then do you know how to define yourself and then see your mother as someone different or your friends as someone different? Releasing the ego, is merging with the ALL and this means, truely understanding that you and everyone are ONE BEING. This is not disconnection, this is RECONNECTION!

  3. What you describe sounds like ego release to me
    When we no longer identify with the mind and body as ‘me’ the ego has no where to reside.
    You speak of this enlightening experience in the past tense.. it was a temporary awareness in which you transcended the ego for a time and became aware of your true nature.
    It does not mean you have become enlightened because once enlightened there is no ‘going back’..
    Just out of curiosity..did this happen during meditation or did you experience this detachment spontaneously.?
    Don’t put too much emphasis on ego release over awareness..the more you abide in awareness the more the ego will diminish naturally.
    Your on the right path.

  4. It makes sense to me and I understand it. I have never needed to be the first one in line. I have bought gifts for children in the name of their parents at Christmas when they had no money. I know who I am and I do not need to be stroked constantly.
    I am happy like this. My ego is at peace and so am I. Your ego does not die it just spends time as a gentle soul. It is compatible with real life where to be truly productive we have to share. Someone has to be last in line, someone has to be in the middle and yes someone has to be first. Your identity is still there, you still dress the same way, you still listen to the same music, you still eat the same special foods and you still go to the same places. Yep your ego is very much alive and now you share the oneness of the whole. Sounds to me that you grew up and quite nicely too.

  5. it does sound like ego death, or ego release. It will be interesting to see if this changes the direction of your life, and if so, how.

  6. loss of attachment to labels, death of ego…yes. this resonates and makes my head feel good to read your story. literally i feel the good vibrations coming from your question. nothing is yours. there is no you and there is no them.
    if i may share myself i will tell you that i went through this over the past few months and has it only come to my understanding over the past few days.
    ironically i was just telling a friend about how they helped me to realize this thru the internalization of unconditional love. over the last few months i have learned to totally detach the terms Mother, Father, Brother, and Friend from the conditions and expectations that i was taught to have for them. We are taught that a father is supposed to teach you how to play ball, a mother is supposed to kiss your boo boo, and a brother and friend are supposed to pretty much to anything. This can sometimes work out where everyone meets those conditions and expectations but more likely then not everyone all the time..not even ourselves..can measure up. This attachment and condition only(conditional) love can cause us much pain and it can limit us to the amount of love we can give and receive.
    i believe that there has been a recent shift into a higher realization of unconditional love. of a breakdown of the previously held conditions that must be met in order for love. We are realizing that we must totally kill these labels…we must not have any conditions that need be met. We need to understand the spiritual nature of all humans and we need a total sense of loving others unconditionally.
    Your mother is your mother in the sense that she gave birth to you but she is not a compilation of the conditions and expectations that we attribute to the term mother. You slayed a demon. You my friend make perfect sense. And you remind me of Gandalf..the white
    but friend “on this bridge lorca warns beware, and beware, and beware” of the second Hall of Learning “In it they soul will find the blossoms of life, but under every flower a serpent coiled” and the “iguana will bite those who do not dream”

  7. Some straight-forward information for you.
    Quoting Osho: “Consciousness has no idea of ‘I’, of ego. It has no idea of one’s separation from existence. It does not know any barrier, it knows no boundaries. It is one with existence; it is in a deep at-onement. There is no conflict between the individual and the Whole. One is simply flowing into the Whole, and the Whole is flowing into one. It is like breathing: you breathe in, you breathe out – when you breathe in the Whole enters you, when you breathe out you enter the Whole. It is a constant flow, a constant sharing. The Whole goes on giving to you, and you go on giving to the Whole. The balance is never lost.”
    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Yoga Vasistha say that you are the child of a barren woman.
    A glimpse of this experience of pure (unborn) mind describes Samadhi. There are different levels or degrees of samadhi. For example, a now well known person who sat down one day at the age of about 16 to get over fear of death by experiencing death…never woke up again…never awoke to conditioned consciousness. He lived into old age teaching with almost no words by being only the pure presence of mind or consciousness such as Osho describes above. His name was Ramana Maharshi. He was a Self Realized being – enlightened whose body finally quit working around 1950. The culture he lived in completely supported his death in this way. If you are a westerner, your culture does not. Yahoo Answers is not likely the best way to discover what is going on here, however, it is a good place for the ego to stroke itself.
    It is really important at this time to keep an eye on what remains of ego as it will surely try to get control of this compelling pure aspect of mind, which would be ‘business as usual’ for the ego. Very very few people will know how to prevent this happening without some kind of guidance and training in understanding what here may be a very good glimpse. The ugly, universally disgusting and even dangerous result of ego thinking it is enlightened, is not a pretty sight. The ego does not like being “one with everything” because there is no more “you”. Sure, the words “I” and “me” are the only ones we have to use but they don’t describe the reality of what may have happened. Just go now and get some real advice and information from a teacher of Kabalah, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Vedanta, Sufism, a Benedictine Monk or a few other authentic traditions. Don’t mess around with any new age stuff as it is only the ego enlightened and will cause more suffering than can be imagined.
    Good glimpse…. and so, Good Luck!


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