Home Discussion Forum Does this sound implausible or impossible to you?

Does this sound implausible or impossible to you?

I was at a Christian church the other day and I told the guy I was chatting with, that I believed I could obtain immortality if I managed to interpret every verse in the bible…
And well…
If I had said that to a Bhuddist, an Agnostic, a Shaman or a Hindu… they would have accepted my opinion…
But I said that to a Christian and he spent 3 hours trying to convince me that my point of view was wrong…


  1. Interpretation has NOTHING to do with Salvation. Salvation = Immortality.
    And you are wrong about something else, NO ONE would have accepted your opinion.
    p.s. I didn’t spend three hours on this answer.

  2. Not all religions run on the same principles, the Christian was trying to show you this..
    However, I believe that if one can be like Jesus one can achieve the miracles and greatness Jesus achieved, but one still would not be a Messiah..
    Good question..

  3. All the evidence we have shows that “immortality” is impossible — entropy prohibits it in any way.
    So you’re both wrong, according to the evidence.


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