does this show i care or not a good thing?

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so the girl i like is having some problems that are of the religious type (dealing with something that she feels is wrong around her in her house or something like that). she’s not crazy and i think its something that some people i guess have to go through.
well we have been friends for 3 years, we like each other, have gone out on a date and are continuing to go on dates bc we want to get in a relationship. now i want to get her something spiritual that will help her through this that will show i care and maybe get her through this.
so in your opinion do you think thats a good idea or too much or what? i really want to show her how much i care and i want her to be better bc she is tired from 12 hour shifts from work and now this and its hurting our talks. thanks

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Tanya L

girls always like gifts 🙂

Luna Lovegood

Help her, dont leave her side do what you think just show her you care

Hearts <3

EDIT:I think that is a great idea. She will love it. It’s not too much.

Bio hopeful

good idea but get something small not over the top


Its hurting our talks? are you a virgin? just give her a pearl necklace.


i think it’s sweet. it shows you respect her religious/spiritual beliefs.
maybe you could find some books on the subject for her?


yes, a thoughtful gift would be nice.
if there something spiritual in her house maybe get her some sage & peace monuments


I think it sweet, Like if she is catholic or something you can give her a pretty rosary Or better yet If she is christian you could actually find a bible verse that will giver her encouragement you know stuff like that. I’m very religious if a guy thought that deep I would be so touched.


It’s never wrong to try and help, just do a little research before you buy something, if you buy her something spiritual make sure it is part of her beliefs.


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