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Does this quote from the Guhyasamaja Tantra perplex you? Why or why not?

“Do not suppress your feelings, choose whatever you Will, and do whatever you desire, for in this way you please the Goddess. No one succeeds in attaining perfection by employing difficult and vexing operations; but perfection can be gained by satisfying all ones desires.” (from the Guhyasamaja Tantra)
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  1. Yes, because I don’t see how all ones desires can be pleased. You drink, but you will always become thirsty again.

  2. “Do not suppress your feelings,” All thought is energy, and all energy is polarized into positive and negative…the complementary counterpart of thought is Feeling…or the intelligence of Emotion {The internal principle of the Goddess herself } in so, the Feelings are Polarized also into light and darkness, there are all one continous line of the Principle…There is no wrong in the interplay of the mind, but it makes fear for those that decide to try and suppress them.
    choose what you will…literally you can feel and think and choose to do anything at all…oppression is in ones own mind, but created by the rule of external minds.
    It is Pleasing to the Universal Consciousness..Gnosis…Kali…Ka Abba…to do what you are naturally attuned to.
    No one succeeds in attaining perfection by employing difficult and vexing operations; but perfection can be gained by satisfying all ones desires.
    perfection can be gained by mastering what one desires first…………by understanging the four-fold law of the Universe and then Employing The Principle one can Gain the refined desire….that is pleasing to the Goddess…….
    Der Kerzenschein

  3. I do not agree with it. if you were to follow such a mentality you would feed appetites until they became addictions, you’d feed pleasures till they became painful, eventually that heavenly state would become a hellish existence.

  4. Hi pal,
    As you know, Tantra is a path which requires a lot of preparation before one actually enters it. It is most different from any other path which one can encounter on earth.
    The above quote has different meaning for different person. While the above quote asks people not to abstain from sensual(including sexual) pleasures, it does not also give them right to unlawful or immoral sexual practices.
    Consider a sex addict, this person cannot take this quote literally and involve in much sensual pleasures. That is why “will” is specified here, Will diminishes the more you have sensual pleasures, sensual pleasure takes out the vitality and leaves inertia(tamas) in the body.
    That is why Tantrics are advised to have perfection in Brahmacharya before they attempt this path lest they become over indulged in sensual pleasures and forget the goal.

  5. Hi!guy,I strongly stand against with u.Why?u know well,for ones desires are limitless(i.e. infinity).If I do with my own desire or feeling regardless of other feelings,How things will be happen?Let me explain u.I really fall in love with one who is married.So what shall I do?With your opinion,I will propose her,right.But I do believe that I won’t never do because this is against our traditional rules and social rules.So I think you should correct this opinion.I really despise your opinion.

  6. No, Why not? Because from my perspective I understand that doing my will is doing my fathers. If however ones will are not aligned with perfection then this quote will scare them.

  7. I think fulfilment of every desire is like adding and adding more Ghee in the fire of Yagna. That will not bring contentment but increase the flare of our desire.
    But killing every desire isn’t the solution of this. Otherwise you will keep thinking of your dreams in the place of Goddess.
    I think “Balance” is the solution of this. we should try to fulfil our fair desires and try to control unfair desires.
    But How can we judge which desire is fair and which one is unfair?
    “Then we should seek the shelter under the pages of Vedic literature or near the lotus feet of any Gyaani Guru.”
    Jai Shri Ram !!!!!!

  8. I am perplex. Even if we wanted to follow this advice from Guhyasamaja Tantra, that does not mean that we can!!!
    I think that there are many, many, many other ways to please the Goddess.

  9. It doesnt perplex me.I think I can understand it but maybe since from my own point of view tht interpretation could be limited.And maybe the speaker means something other or more than what i think. I really think these are some wise and honest words.Honesty and wisdom is a hard thing to find. I think nature is powerful and wise- its best to be what ur designed to be.Its foolish and hurtful to try to be that which you are not.Everything is perfect


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