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Does this prophecy interest you from the writer of Vishnu Purana?

“There will be contemporary monarchs, reigning over the earth – kings of churlish spirit, violent temper, and ever addicted to falsehood and wickedness. They will inflict death on women, children, and cows; they will seize upon the property of their subjects, and be intent upon the wives of others; they will be of unlimited power, their lives will be short, their desires insatiable. . . . People of various countries intermingling with them, will follow their example; and the barbarians being powerful (in India) in the patronage of the princes, while purer tribes are neglected, the people will perish (or, as the Commentator has it, ‘The Mlechchas will be in the centre and the Aryas in the end.’)” Wealth and piety will decrease until the world will be wholly depraved. Property alone will confer rank; wealth will be the only source of devotion; passion will be the sole bond of union between the sexes; falsehood will be the only means of success in litigation; and women will be objects merely of sensual gratification. . . . . . External types will be the only distinction of the several orders of life; . . . . . a man if rich will be reputed pure; dishonesty (anyaya) will be the universal means of subsistence, weakness the cause of dependence, menace and presumption will be substituted for learning; liberality will be devotion; mutual assent, marriage; fine clothes, dignity. He who is the strongest will reign; the people, unable to bear the heavy burthen, Khara bhara (the load of taxes) will take refuge among the valleys. . . . Thus, in the Kali age will decay constantly proceed, until
Footnote(s) –––––––––––––––
* See Jacquolliot’s “Les Fils de Dieu”; l’Inde des Brahmes, p. 230.
” If this is not prophetic, what is?
the human race approaches its annihilation (pralaya) . . . . When the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being which exists, of its own spiritual nature . . . shall descend on Earth . . . (Kalki Avatar) endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. . . . He will re-establish righteousness on earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of Kali Yuga shall be awakened and become as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed . . . shall be the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age, the age of purity. As it is said, ‘When the sun and moon and the lunar asterism Tishya and the planet Jupiter are in one mansion, the Krita (or Satya) age shall return.’ ”


  1. Like every other religious prophecy, it’s nonsense. They all essentially say the same thing; the world will get bad, people won’t care, the powerful will take advantage of the weak. These aspects of humanity have, to one extent or another, always existed. To predict that it will continue doesn’t take a lot of imagination.

  2. If it was not written by God then written by humans. I hate humans who mislead humanity.
    I like cows for their milk and nutritious flesh.

  3. Frankly, the works of the Vaishnavs does not interest me at all.
    The Dash Avatar and many such things are taken from the Desert Messianic Faiths and the mythology is built around one of the earlier forms of Surya, the Sun God – Vishnu, who got ascendancy in the 27th and last of the Trimurthi, or the Hindu Trinity.
    The people who promoted the Vaishnav and the Shaiv factions were Politicians who were interested in only building their flocks of credulous people who would believe their prattle and draw them far away from the Sanathana Dharma.
    You can see the story of Noah and his Ark is repeated in the Dash Avatar in the Matsya Avatar. Buddha is also taken in as the Buddha Avatar. Rama and Krishna who were also assimilated into the mythology there.
    Kalki is the Second Coming of Jesus down to His riding the White Horse and bearing the Sword of Fire.
    All these things are totally misleading and meant to move the people away from the Original Sanathana Dharma which has, today, unfortunately been debased to a superstition; whereas it was once the Greatest Science.
    It’s a pity that the Hindus have lost the original Sanathana Dharma and now believe in such inconsequential nonsense.
    Please pardon my harsh words, but, do you see any consonance here with “Aham Brahmasmi” [“I am Brahman”]?
    Do you see any harmony at all with “Tat twam asi” [“thou art that”]?
    Can the Dharma that said “Deivehah nirguna, niraakara.” [The State of God(hood) is beyond intellectual and physical perception] also say such prattle?
    Is not the pralaya the Sanskrit name for the Great Deluge?
    Verily, there be none so blind as will not see.
    Om Shanthi.

  4. hmm..
    “When the sun and moon and the lunar asterism Tishya and the planet Jupiter are in one mansion, the Krita (or Satya) age shall return”
    could this possibly be the alignment set to take place 12/21/2012
    yes this is very interesting. i will research. thanks for sharing.
    could you post a link to the secret doctrine or email to me. thanks

  5. They are compilations, interpretations and finally translatons. The word Mlechchas can never be Shruti therefore the works have not transcended the heights the prophesy prophesises. I agree to that extent.
    Sanatana Dharma should never be understood as deniel of Trinities, “Isms” have no place in higher philosophy. They are just common names for a group of sheeps on a common path and how to conduct that path. If we deny the essence of Vishnupurana in a bias to “Isms”, then we are denying the Shirmad Bhagavatam, the birth of Shri Krishna, the Bhagwad Gita and all those philosophies that the mortals who deny them do not comprehend.
    “Bhagavatam was written by Maharishi Veda Vyasa ( Krishna Dvaipâyana Vyâsadeva,) also called Bâdarâyana. He is the bhagavân, amongst the philosophers, who in India assembled all the holy texts. He compiled the Vedas, also known as S’ruti, containing the basic wisdom, the mantras for the rituals and the hymns. He as well wrote the Mahâbhârata, which is the greatest epic poem in the world. It describes the history (itihâsa) of the great fall that the vedic culture once made. The Bhagavad Gîtâ is the most important part of it. Vyâsa also wrote the rest of the eighteen great Bibles (the purânas) of India as well as the Brahma-sûtra, his masterpiece on the Absolute Truth.” If he wrote Mahabharata, he should have been living in the end of Dwapara Yuga, which means atleast 5000 years B.C. and minimum of 5000 more years before the prophesy has to take place. If Shri Krishna lived 1BC then it will take atleast more than 12000 years for the prophesy to come into action. And as per Vedic Astrology as some astrologers maintain it will take around 200×2160 years to complete this Kali Yuga of Hell on Earth.
    See these calculations:
    Vedic Astrology – Astro Cycles Theory – Lesson 2
    Revealed to the Indian Seers in yogic flashes of heightened Consciousness, Astrology was developed strictly on scientific laws. Backed up by Astronomy and Maths, Astrology continues to rule as the Queen & Mother of all Sciences.
    Long Astro Cycles have fascinated mankind. This is the Vedic perspective of Astro Cycles.
    The Vernal Equinoctial Point was found to precede one degree in every 72 years. Hence as one Zodiacal Sign is 30 degrees in length, 2160 years is the duration of an Age Cycle. We are at the moment undergoing the Piscean Age which will give way to the Aquarian in 2444 AD. It is called the Piscean Age because the Vernal Equinoctial Point is passing through Pisces and is at the moment 06 degrees 40 minutes 24 seconds in Pisces.
    Age Cycle ( 72*30) = 2160 years Precessional Cycle (72*360) = 25920 years ( as the Zodiac is 360 degrees )
    Equinoctial Cycle (2000*2160) = 43,20000 years Cosmological Cycle ( 2 million *2160 ) = 4.32 billion years
    One Cosmological Cycle ( Brahma Kalpa) was considered to be one Brahma Day and another 4.32 billion years was considered to be one Brahma Night. One Cosmological Cycle was one thousand Equinoctial Cycles (Chatur Yugas) or 2 million Age Cycles!
    The Vedic Calendar – Based on Equinoctial Cycles
    An Equinoctial Cycle comprises of 4 Ages.
    Satya Yuga = 800 Age Cycles
    Threta Yuga = 600 Age Cycles
    Dwapara Yuga = 400 Age Cycles
    Kali Yuga = 200 Age Cycles
    Maha Yuga = 2000 Age Cycles ( Equinoctial Cycle )
    As per Vedic Astronomy, the Dark Age (Kali Yuga) commenced from 3102 BC, 16th February Midnight. (mcs.ca/vitalspark/2010_conciousness/203va01.html )
    Why do we worry then. Do our bit to get back to cosmic consiousness as per Sanatana Dharma and forget all controversies.
    Denying the essence Vishnupurana means denying all these. Bhagwata has mention of all those which is in Vishnupurana. And Shri Krishna was the greatest esponent ever of the Sanatana Dharma and its Paripalan, how comes that even the knowledgeable sometimes tend to forget this past in a blind alegience to Sanatana Dharma.
    The prophesies are true to their core, not well worded, but true because it is a translation of the cosmic Law, the breath of each person counting to one second in materialist terms, with the rotation and revolving of the sun and moon counted into weeks and months,seasons and years. But our ancestors had counted beyond that into the cosmic ages like Sati Yuga, Tretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga making one Chaturyuga of arund 50000 years. The Kalpantha kalam and the Pralayam as rightly pointed out which is a cosmic year and its completion has to take place just as there can be four seasons in a year, or four stages in the life of a man or the geometric corresponding figure of earth is a square/cube and square having four parts and sides do represent four yugas and the next molecule of that destroyed has to arise in the same form and
    Comparing Mahavishnu with a mere Sun God, Surya Bhagwan amounts only to a Greek Version of the story. Sanatana Dharma are the Tatwas on the basic principles and Laws of Eternal existence, that does not permit us to think that Dharma is not populated. The Gods and incarnations and human beings, vegetations are populations which abide by the Sanatana Dharma to complete the purpose of the undifferntiated Brahman. Neither Vedas nor Vedanta nor Sanatana Dharma denies that, who are we to do it now.


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