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Does this make me a bad witch?

I was getting information out of my Book of Shadows, and had placed it down. My two year old son was going to write in it, so I took it from him and put it somewhere safer, but now I can’t find it. I have looked all over my house, and it is like it just disappeared! So, I guess I will have to start a new Book of Shadows, but does this make me a lousy witch that I went and lost my Book of Shadows?


  1. No, it just means that you need to give your kid something else to scribble on. A two year old can scribble on anything — give him/her newspapers, for instance. It doesn’t have to be “blank paper” for a child to have fun.

  2. The worst! LOL!
    I’ve lost mine before; it turned up years later.
    Thankfully, as pagans we embrace that which makes us human.

  3. No. My gosh no. It will turn up. in the mean time. start a new one in a notebook and transfer. It not a bad sign. It means you are human!

  4. Maybe you book of shadows disappeared because the Lord of Lords wants you to pick up another book…..the Holy Bible….take this as a sign. What will it hurt? go ahead, pick up the Bible, go to the Gospel of John, and start reading…I’ll be praying for you. God Bless.

  5. No, It just makes you a normal person that put something out of the reach of a child, and now can’t find it. When I go to the fridge and forget what I’m looking for, I go back to point A, I usually remember right away.

  6. Ignore those people who want you to convert. No, it does not make you a bad “witch”. It just means you need to keep in a safer place where only you will find it and try to keep it away from prying hands and eyes. I keep mine in a desk drawer where I know I will find it when I need it.

  7. No you’re not. I think you should ask your 2 year old, I bet he knows where it is. LOL. But I bet it’ll turn up again when you’re not looking for it, that’s what always happens to me.

  8. Gee, wonder how you could possibly get distracted! No hon, you are not a bad witch, you are a human one! As we all are. It was pointed out that you may need to start a new book to update your knowledge, I tend to agree. I would like to give you a hint on a possible alternative. I keep mine on a “jump drive” for the computer (with a back-up in the safe). That way it is away from prying eyes. Mine is labeled “craft inventory”. I am a crafter in more ways than one! Is it possible your son actually needs to start his own Book of Shadows? They do, afterall, write and draw in a language that we have lost the ability to see. And it may come in handy for him in the future if he chooses this path. And please, don’t think I am kidding around because I am serious. Little ones have inate knowledge that we, as adults, have lost.


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