I was getting information out of my Book of Shadows, and had placed it down. My two year old son was going to write in it, so I took it from him and put it somewhere safer, but now I can’t find it. I have looked all over my house, and it is like it just disappeared! So, I guess I will have to start a new Book of Shadows, but does this make me a lousy witch that I went and lost my Book of Shadows?


  • Gee, wonder how you could possibly get distracted! No hon, you are not a bad witch, you are a human one! As we all are. It was pointed out that you may need to start a new book to update your knowledge, I tend to agree. I would like to give you a hint on a possible alternative. I keep mine on a “jump drive” for the computer (with a back-up in the safe). That way it is away from prying eyes. Mine is labeled “craft inventory”. I am a crafter in more ways than one! Is it possible your son actually needs to start his own Book of Shadows? They do, afterall, write and draw in a language that we have lost the ability to see. And it may come in handy for him in the future if he chooses this path. And please, don’t think I am kidding around because I am serious. Little ones have inate knowledge that we, as adults, have lost.

  • No you’re not. I think you should ask your 2 year old, I bet he knows where it is. LOL. But I bet it’ll turn up again when you’re not looking for it, that’s what always happens to me.

  • Ignore those people who want you to convert. No, it does not make you a bad “witch”. It just means you need to keep in a safer place where only you will find it and try to keep it away from prying hands and eyes. I keep mine in a desk drawer where I know I will find it when I need it.

  • No, It just makes you a normal person that put something out of the reach of a child, and now can’t find it. When I go to the fridge and forget what I’m looking for, I go back to point A, I usually remember right away.

  • Maybe you book of shadows disappeared because the Lord of Lords wants you to pick up another book…..the Holy Bible….take this as a sign. What will it hurt? go ahead, pick up the Bible, go to the Gospel of John, and start reading…I’ll be praying for you. God Bless.

  • No. My gosh no. It will turn up. in the mean time. start a new one in a notebook and transfer. It not a bad sign. It means you are human!

  • The worst! LOL!

    I’ve lost mine before; it turned up years later.

    Thankfully, as pagans we embrace that which makes us human.


  • No, it just means that you need to give your kid something else to scribble on. A two year old can scribble on anything — give him/her newspapers, for instance. It doesn’t have to be “blank paper” for a child to have fun.

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