Does this guy like me or not?

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So I went over a friend’s house and her roomate had friends over who were guys, I then went outside to smoke and my friend said that one of the guys was asking about me, she said she strictly told him I was looking for bf or hubbie material, she said he said that’s me and ran outside to meet me. We talked, he asked for my number and I said I’d think about it. After going inside and talking to him, I realized we had so much in common and decided to give him my number, we talked on the phone for about a week and then I went over his place. We talked and made out but didn’t do anything. Later on we ended up hooking up and I spent the night. I told him I didn’t want just a one night stand but he was so comfortable and nice and promised it would be more than that. The next morning he texted me and said it was good seeing me the night before, but since that he hasn’t been calling as much and has only texted me a few times. He said that we would hang out soon because our schedules clash. I work first shift, he has been working 12 hr. days. I have texted him and told him I kinda miss him, but no reply. I don’t know what up, I felt we had a really good intellectual connection, physical, and spiritual. Should I expect things to go any further or should I just chalk it up to having a good night. He is a really sweet guy and I can’t see him as a liar or manipulator. Any ideas?”

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Please Chill

didn’t read it, but yea maybe to your question


Yeah he does


hes busy. or he doesnt want things to go too fast.

Roger Federer fan

he is probably busy. he doesnt have to text back. Just a while, like a day, and if no text…start worrying D:


If you sent the last text message, I wouldn’t sent anymore until I got one back from him. If he really wants to take this a step further he will get back to you, you know? Until then keep all of your options open.


nope, not really. have fun dealing with this by yourself!!!!!!!!!!!


Well you only texteed him once, relax 🙂
Give him another text 🙂
My turn!;_ylt=AhBXNPH7Uj10NzhAyrQZCf4azKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091205150548AAhtslR

dustyn c

Oh Boy, want a honest blunt answer? Your reading too much into the excuse. Your “schedules clashing” is a excuse. Sounds like a one night stand from a smooth operator….
if he comes around then it was the schedules and he is interested in you but if not then it was a one nighter…. dont hound him let him call you. Easier to say then do but it is good advise.


i think he likes you and hes playin hard to get
like wen hes na textin back so u text him more and want him more so wen he does text u ur really happy
. u shud play hard 2 get aswell


maybe things are going on in his life? so he hasnt texted you? idk could be true.
but i would just straight up ask him whats up and see what he says. i mean be nice and understand about the fact that something could be wrong in his life. but you should definately just ask him…
tell him you like him and you just want to know how hes feeling about you guys.

Justice S

Well first I want to say that just because he looks nice he may not be. Second, if he doesn’t take the time to at least text you then I don’t think he is interested. Then, he also might have thought that you two didn’t have much in common which is the opposite of what you thought. You never know, I say give it a little more time (not to much) and if nothing happens just move on, hopefully you’ll find someone else.


ya know guys are really hard to “read”. it sounds like he very well could be very busy. so i would take a step back and relax. dont jump to conclusions just because communication has slowed down. if your really worried then call him and leave a voice mail telling him your not sure if he’s still in to you.
thats the best advice i can give you.
i hope it helped

Amal K

Don’t jump to conclusions, guys need their space.
I would say he definitely likes you
don’t go on ruining what u had by thinking to much about it, that will only make u feel needy
and once u feel like that, u r gonna keep texting and he’s gonna feel like ur butting in too much
he needs time to realize it and let it sink in thats all
he’ll let u know when he is ready

Kelvin Marte

probably he is a good guy, and i think he likes you because he wouldn’t have clicked with if he didn’t. just don’t try to “do the do” with him for a while, so you wont portray yourself as one of those girls. but what you should do is keep calling him during the night to talk, to try to get to know more about each other, and try to make plans. if you like him as well, then don’t let this one go. Hopefully everything would work out. =)


Just text him one day and ash if he wants to hang out later that night. If he makes some excuse and doesn’t hang out soon then he’s not into you.


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