Does this apply to anyone who reads it? (Read details PLEASE)?






~ POPE ~
So please Treat Him Right
Genuine and authorized by The House of Apostles of ERIS
Every man, woman and child on this Earth is a genuine and authorized Pope
Reproduce and distribute these cards freely- POEE Head Temple, San Francisco
A =POPE= is someone who is not under the authority of the authorities.
Discordians think so….. What does YOUR Pineal Gland tell you?
For your very own printable Pope Card go to


  1. I’ll answer all questions after the asker has kissed the hem of my flowing white robes and has deposited the appropriate amount of tithings in the very large basket, marked “Ferrari.”

  2. i like it…
    i believe we are all responsible for our own spritual growth and for our actions, so yes, i agree.
    i checked out the link you gave in an earlier answer.
    it was pretty cool (does saying pretty cool show my age?) lol
    bright blessings

  3. Agreed!!! But it would be chaos if we didn’t have them. Religiously your are right! But so many are out for them self’s that don’t care about any one els.
    The Truth

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