Does the Wiccan religion oppose same sex couples, and if not, will a handfasting ceremony be legal?

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I’m trying to find out if Wiccans oppose same sex marriage. If not, then why would it be or not be legal through a Handfasting ceremony!? It’s not a christian ceremony, but a wiccan ceremony that (if not against the religion) I belive would legally bind me and my boyfriend as a ” married couple “.

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Motorcycle Rider

No, All sexual orientations are accepted.


In the Wiccan faith, homosexuality is not considered wrong. However, in America, a handfasting ceremony is not considered a binding marriage unless you sign a state certificate of marriage just like you would in a heterosexual marriage. You can sign the certificate (if they will give it to you) but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be recognized as a legal document in the US.

Wicked Warrior

As long as the person who performs the ceremony is legally authorized to do so, than your hand fasting is a legal marriage like any other and with all the same paperwork.
There are no discrimination’s on the bias of sexual orientation in the Wiccan faith that I have ever heard of, I have been a practicing witch for about 15 years now and have performed hand fasting ceremonies. May the Goddess bless your union.

McKaulie R

No way do they oppose, trust me I looked it up.


Generally speaking, Wiccans do not oppose same sex marriage. Some do how ever! There are even some Covens that will not allow homosexuals in because they think their energy is wrong. Other Covens highly appreciate that energy, viewing it as both male and female energy in one human.


Generally, the Wiccan faith does not oppose homosexuality. We are usually very open to it, but there are some out there that do not like it.


Well, Willow was a lesbian and she was Wiccan. Then again, I’ve just referenced a TV show (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and we all know how accurate TV can be.


Wiccans generally embrace same sex couples. However, just because a priest performs a marriage ceremony doesn’t make a legal marriage. The union itself has to be legal (you can’t marry a 10 year old, or your dog, or multiple people), and the officiant has to meet the legal requirements of the state to perform marriages. (minimally they have to have legal ordination. Some states require more.) The type and the religion of the ceremony is immaterial.
So you can probably find a Wiccan officiant to perform a ceremony. However, it won’t be legally binding. Unitarian Universalist ministers also commonly perform same sex unions. Again, it’s a personal and spiritual gesture, not a legal one.


It’s not the religious denomination that determines “legality” of a union, it’s the laws of your state. According to the law of whichever state you marry in, you must be issued a marriage license, which then allows you to be married by an official (not necessarily a religious figure, just one that is legitimately recognized as able to perform a marriage, as described by the laws of the state.) I, myself, am an ordained minister in The Enlightened Path Holistic Ministry, Universal LIfe Church, and Universal MInistries. I am legally capable of performing marriages in my state ( and have done so on more than one occasion). However, if you cannot produce a marriage license issued to you by my state, then whatever ceremony I perform may be “legal” in your eyes, but NOT in the eyes of my state. For this reason, many people choose hand-fasting(which can be legally binding with the legal officiant and the legal license) as an option. Universal Life Church has a document that they call Affirmation of Love; other churches have similar things, which are specifically designed for a ceremony in which legal union is not possible. You may find that a spiritual union is the best you can achieve, given the prevailing civil law in most states. Good Luck!


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