Home Discussion Forum Does the thought of reincarnation give you hope of the afterlife?

Does the thought of reincarnation give you hope of the afterlife?

I could be walking around as just some person that use to be alive and now in my own body and not even know it. Does this have to do with deja vou? When you’ve seen something familiar but you can quite tell what it came from? Or you dreamed about something and then it happens in real life as a sign or something? I think reincarnation could be real.


  1. I always believed that I came from somewhere and will go back. That’s why I never believed in the insane concepts of god, heaven, hell, etc

  2. Reincarnation is not really the after-life no? It’s just really this same world in a different body.
    After-life is a separate place.

  3. when u die the last thing you see is a bright light
    when your born the first thing u see is a bright light
    u make a choice when u die either hang around or try again in a next life to try and do the right thing

  4. No, it makes me dread death. I’ve always looked forward with hope to a final, eternal rest from the toils of being a mortal. The thought of that rest being snatched away and my soul having to “rinse and repeat” is horrifying!

  5. I already believe in an afterlife but I find the whole idea of
    reincarnation extremely fascinating. I have read a lot of books on the
    subjects and it is very interesting some of the material that has come up.


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