Does the theory of Evolution "disprove" the concept of reincarnation?

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Long story short, I am currently in an argument with a friend of mine who, for one thing, believes in the concept of evolution. However, he also believes in the concept of reincarnation, thinking he was a canine in a previous life because he has several “traits of a canine”. However, I mentioned that evolution states that there is no life after death, but he claims evolution says nothing about this. Does evolution go against reincarnation or not???

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Footprints in the Sand

Evolution says NOTHING about any kind of spiritual beliefs, including reincarnation.
“I mentioned that evolution states that there is no life after death” – is utterly, totally wrong. Evolution is about adaptation to an environment…that’s it.


Believes in the concept of evolution? Did he say believe? Otherwise, he’s not qualified.


If any kind of reincarnation of the spirit does exist, it happens well beyond the bounds of the known dimensions in the universe. essentially, it requires ‘magic’ to us.
perhaps magic exists? possibly, but there is certainly no evidence yet.

Gen. Stiggo

Nope. Doesn’t deal with the supernatural at all. So there’s nothing in evolution that says there can’t be reincarnation.
Logic, however, does dismiss the concept.


How can a THEORY disprove anything?
I thought only established facts can prove or disprove things.

Sky Chumbly

Although many people who believe in evolution do not believe in life after death, there is nothing inherent within evolution that specifically precludes reincarnation.


doesn’t do it any good.
occam’s razor pretty much pretty much cut off reincarnation from any form of logic anyway.

Luke Was Enlightened

Reincarnation has little to do with evolution.
Your soul does not carry physical characteristics in reincarnation, therefore they can exist simultaneously.


technically, no
the elements in a decomposing organism becomes worm and plant food, which if you know your life cycle eventually becomes animals again
also, your DNA is a direct line of decendance from billions of years ago, so it could be called reincarnation if you wanted to get technical
But on a metaphysical sense, memory cannot be passed down and there is no second lives


Physical vs spiritual,,,two different things. Evolution makes no claims on what happens after you die.
When will people realize, physical and spiritual are two different things.


Evolution is the process of how life changes. That is all. It does nothing to prove how life started or about the status/existence of a soul.
Though I will admit that I do not believe in reincarnation.

Kip R

Yes, in theory life would have evolved from one organism (as far as I know). All these “souls” would have to be “created”. According to science at one time the earth was a ball of molten rock/metals.
AFAIK the origins of the first forms of life are unknown. Whether it was from other universes or a comet or whatever. It was from one single source, not spontaneous combustion.


Not as such, but you’d have to have a fairly warped view of reality to believe in any kind of afterlife, *regardless* of whether you accept evolution or not.


Evolution is indeed silent on it, but common sense is not.
There is no rational reason to believe in reincarnation other than our base desire not to die (a very rational desire indeed). It is nothing more than wishful thinking.
If anything, use his belief against him. Since he accepts evolution as valid (a reasonable position), then he is indeed related to dogs and a variety of other animals, including much more closely bonobos and chimps. We ARE animals, so it makes sense that we exhibit some more “animalistic” traits than not. That does mean WE used to be an animal…it just means our ancestors were simply more closely related and continue to retain some of those traits.
I don’t necessarily buy that argument, but it is much more rationale than his inane position. Also look up using “anecdotal evidence” to prove a theory. I don’t care if he actually thinks he’s a dog, it’s meaningless a broad rule to apply to all people without other evidence.


A theory can’t disprove anything. It’s a theory.


reincarnation deals with a supernatural concept of a “soul’ being “reborn”
evolution explains the amount of species that exist today via the process of natural selection
i dont see what they have to do with each other at all they neither complement each other nor exclude each other
although i think spiritual reincarnation is total BS, reincarnation does happen so to speak, our molecular structures once broken down can become a part of another living organism, after all the basic particles that make up our physical bodies have been here forever


Evolution would work equally well to explain the data regardless of the truth or falsehood of unrelated concepts. I can’t think of any way the existence of reincarnation would preclude the possibility of evolution being true as well. If reincarnation were real, it might even facilitate the process of natural selection in some instances because there would be more than just genetic information flowing between generations.
Intuitively I agree with your friend… though if you have a convincing argument to the contrary I’d love to hear it.


I completely agree with Footprints in the Sand.
It may also interest you to know that there is some scientific and very interesting (yet far from conclusive) evidence in support of reincarnation. If you would like to know more, research the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson.

Just Wondering

Evolution is the belief that organisms evolve, that they change over time, either through mutation, or adaptation. It doesn’t comment at all on life before or after death.
However, the people who believe in evolution, tend to be people who believe in science, who do not believe in an after life, so that may be where your misunderstanding came from.
Charles Darwin, who is famous for his theory of evolution, believed in God.


No. Evolution says absolutely nothing about after life.

The Living Anne

Dr. Carl Sagan accepted and taught evolution as absolute fact, but he also extensively researched the paranormal with intense skepticism in order to expose it as horsepoo. However, after looking into the recent studies on reincarnation, Dr. Sagan concluded that it “might be true.”

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