Home Discussion Forum does the subconscious mind understand numbers and measurements?

does the subconscious mind understand numbers and measurements?

thanks for the post, do you think if we consciously know inches, cm, mm, then the subconscious would also know?


  1. I don’t think so. I know when I’m asleep and am having a dream that in real time would take hours to go through, I wake up and it’s only been ten minutes. Time, measurements, and numbers aren’t understood by the subconscious because we have to be taught them. If they were innate, then we wouldn’t need to worry about being taught them.

  2. Speed Distance Time are concepts that the mind uses to experience itself. The subconscious understands these but recognizes then as merely tools. The conscious mind has a limited understanding and tends to get trapped in its own ideas and thus believes that numbers and measurements are truths in and of themselves.
    Light, for example passes through the dimensions of the space and thus has speed, can travel a distance, has measurable qualities. However light does not pass through the dimension of time. The light you see is the same light that played in teh garden of eden. The reason for this is that there is no such thing as time. Past and future are concepts used for ordering expression and exploration. The only time that exists is the present. The matrix of space time are merely constructs of the conscious mind to celebrate existence.
    For this reason you are immortal.

  3. well hummm i believe the subconscious mind is really a chemical response from your cells trying to decipher information you have imputed in the form of chemicals into the Brian . When you have fear you release adrenaline into the blood by emotions .This is call fight or flea. The body will immediately increase hart beat and extra energy. This is a way your cells communicate with your body . I believe your dreams are really your cells trying to understand information you put into your Brian as memory’s but you never fully comprehended the situation so we dream at night it’s like the cells are asking questions as to what they should do . I think the cells are trying to Communicate with us to try to project a corrected path as to what the body should do to protect it’s self . when you get cut do you have anything to do with the healing presses no your cells do the work to seal the cut .ever hear of shell shock in war
    the only cure for shell shock is by talking to the person to rationalize the thinking process to indicate they are no longer in danger
    no i think the subconscious mind is a organisms self bent on only one propose to survive . it has a cannibalistic Sense of self conciseness. not intelligence to comprehend mathematical reasoning


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