Home Discussion Forum does the possible existence of ghosts disprove the theory of reincarnation ?

does the possible existence of ghosts disprove the theory of reincarnation ?

ok, so ghosts either exist or they don’t. if they do exist, does that completely disprove any theories on reincarnation, along with past lives, etc? thanks!!
if you don’t believe in ghosts, let’s ‘pretend’ they exist, and let’s also ‘pretend’ reincarnation is real. if we are reincarnated as another person after death, the ghost is our soul, so basically our soul is not in the other person or animal we come back as? that would mean it does not disprove the theory of reincarnation.


  1. No, it doesn’t. They could believe that some are reincarnated, but some are held to earth because their task is not complete, or they’re disturbed and can’t move on yet, or many other reasons.

    • I like this answer. The thought of reincarnation scares me, as does the thought of a Higher Self. I prefer believing in ghosts.

  2. So you’re asking if a belief in ghosts would contradict a belief in reincarnation? If the assumption is that all ghosts are souls that were once in living bodies, and that all souls instantly reincarnate to new bodies upon death, then yes, that would contradict. Though I could imagine one could believe in exceptions to these 2 different premises, or believe for example that ghosts are not always conscious souls but rather metaphysical imprints etc.

    • Yes, but there are rather old ghosts who are of conscious mind. Wouldn’t that disprove reincarnation?

  3. Basically a “ghost” will be one of two things: the viable spiritual energy of a deceased person or a static spiritual energy of a deceased person. If your gramma visits your bedside a week after she passed away, her ghost is touching your dimension of existence and is aware of you. But if you see Anne Boleyn’s ghost while touring the Tower of London, what you’re seeing is a replay of events that happened hundreds of years ago, a different kind of ghost who is like a movie being played over and over, which has no awareness of you or of anything in the present time. Anne Boleyn, by the way, has long since reincarnated into new personalities – maybe she’s a male trucker living in New Jersey who smokes cigars, guzzles beer and frequents truckstop hookers in her present life, for all we know – but the energy residue of the past self remains behind, “haunting” a particular geographical spot where she once lived (and died).
    Ghosts and reincarnation are both real. The entity you think of as you actually has many dimensions and exists on many levels – simultaneously.

    • But what if a really old ghost did have a consciousness of this world and present time. How would you explain that?


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