Home Discussion Forum Does the palm readers and psychics really have psychic power?

Does the palm readers and psychics really have psychic power?

If not, how can they be sued or be pulled out of business for malpractice or not deliverying what they promised?

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  1. My psychic powers assure me that they do not !
    But unless you can provide tangible proof that is admissible in a court of law, of their ‘malpractice or not delivering what they promised’, you cannot sue them, or close their ‘business’ down.

  2. NO! They don’t and as far as I know they should tell you at the start of your reading, it is at your will to believe or not what it is the reader is about to for-tell. You basically going to them they aren’t outlooking for you!

  3. REAL psychics NEVER do for money (otherwise – they are phoney – their guesses are good as yours or LESS)
    Real psychics have Self Code of Conduct – Everytime they use their power, they injure themselves (b/c they tell you god’s secret)

  4. Some are very real. I had my palm read twice…..I was told that it should be done every ten years. Everything came true.

  5. well i am psychic and really have powers but some dont and are frauds most of the ones who ask for money are! but anyway i dont think they can be sued after all when you perchase thier services you assume the risk that they are a fraud besides what we see isnt set in stone people can change thier destiny

  6. As in every profession, there are fakes. Yes, there are legit palm readers and psychics, not as many as advertised.
    If and when you do get a reading, I would only go to someone you were referred to…if you go to someone who is sitting in the corner of a carnival or is in the marketplace with a turban on their head, do it for entertainment only.
    Either way, you live your life, don’t have someone tell you something and live accordingly…
    When I read people, I tell them things, then I always tell them they have a choice not to give in to whatever can lead them down that negative path. I tell them what signs to look for or what the person looks like.
    I NEVER tell them that they need to be healed or some retared thing like that…I don’t charge I only read people when they ask me. And even then I turn people away.
    People should be jailed when they say they are psychic and charge peopel to heal them or take a curse off.
    There are not such things are curses.

  7. I used to laugh when I saw them because I was like yea right! But someone brought something very interesting to my attention. Those who allow demons or the dark side to work through them may be given the power of the darkness since they allow it in themselves. In the Bible, Saul disobeyed God and went to a fortune teller. The fortune teller said he was going to die soon, and he did. I believe God put this in there to show that they do have evil on their side and they have some power, but it doesn’t compare to God’s power. 🙂


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