Home Discussion Forum Does the negative energy of those around you , influence you ?

Does the negative energy of those around you , influence you ?

Much? Not at all? How do manage to stay uninfluenced ?


  1. There are times that it can wear on me, but for the most part I have made a conscious decision to live my own best, positive life. Basically I just let it go… and it feels great!

  2. I keep my energy focused. Others negativity usually does not effect me to a degree that it changes my mood. If I get irritated, I just try to focus. It’s all peace of mind in knowing that the drama brought on by others is drama suffered by others. It wasn’t my situation that put someone else on a bad path, so why should it effect me?

  3. Energy is what makes up our world. We are energy. I try to avoid the company of negative people because they can drain your positive energy. I stay positive by surrounding myself with positive thinking friends and family.

  4. I believe that if you’re not disciplined, the negative energy of those around you can suck you in and drag you down.
    I have someone close to me who is in a constant state of depression, as well as, a chronic complainer.
    When with this person, I find myself complaining more and seeing more negative than positive.
    You have to make the decision when you get up in the morning that it’s going to be a great day and you’re going to remain positive.

  5. Yes, much. I avoid people like that, especially when they are resistant to my efforts to encourage a more positive attitude. Some folks were simply reared from childhood in a negative environment. They are literally unhappy and anxious unless they can be in a perpetual state of negativity, thus they perpetuate thier own unhappiness. Sad when you think about it, but I jsut walk away after awhile. The negative person usually moves on to their next victim 🙁

  6. Yes. I think only a really strong person can manage to stay detached. I generally try to stay away because i can’t always shut others out: their anger, their problems, their guilt. Trying to help them sometimes comes back to you. But working and spending time alone is the best method for me.

  7. It can deplete you….
    How I have overcome it is to =RESPECT= each individual….
    To let people be themselves & stay focused on me during those times.
    When it gets to be too taxing on me, I simply remove myself from the situation.
    Next time I be totally on with myself when it comes to being in some people’s presence…
    I be mindful not mislead myself on what I do & do not like, this helps me avoid negative situations… therefore negative people!
    RESPECT of individuality has had the biggest impact for me though…

  8. I like to be in the company of positive people because I am a positive guy. When people start being negative I either try to share my optimism with them or leave their company as soon as possible.

  9. Not at all!
    I don’t let them in! I stay focused on what is most important to me. I feel positively inspired and positive is what I project.
    People can only do what others ‘allow’ them to do. When one maintains a solid wall of positive energy, nothing can penetrate!

  10. Yes. That is why I try to stay away from them when I realize that one of the cause of my depression is due to their influences 🙁
    I try to mix around with happy and positive people so that I can be happy.

  11. i can’t be uninfluenced because i’m connected to them so it makes me stronger negative energy implies need and where there is need there is mindful action ready to end that need.

  12. I don’t know the meaning of the word of ‘influence’ here! Whenever anything negative energy get energized around me, I become alerted to apply the positive one! Usually I don’t do so in normal time. Does that mean that the negative energy ‘influence’ me at some moments?
    Then, YES—otherwise NO.

  13. negative energy can really easily influence someone whose personality is not that strong.
    You should know why it is easy to be bad rather than to be good.
    because of the negative energy…..so it can really easily influenced those people who were really is not that strong….

  14. Well I think it was Freud who said that your environment determines your consciousness. So yes, negative energy does affect you.
    It is difficult to not be affected but you just have to try.

  15. When I sense someone around me with negative energy I then try to avoid them
    I have learnt over the years they just drain your energy
    Love & Blessings

  16. Sometimes it does. After all, I am only human. However I do my best at not allowing them to do so. I try to remind myself that I do not want another person to make my day bad. I would rather feel good by helping others and showing concern for their problems while not allowing them to drag me down to their level.
    Prayer also helps me as does reading the bible.


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