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Does the mind enlighten the body or does the body enlighten the mind?

In getting a buggy to move do you whip the buggy or the horse?
Why do you feel Tantra is called a rocket-ship to enlightenment?


  1. Actually your senses or experiences enlighten the mind. You are born having not physically experienced the things of this world and through this earthly experience of using senses we gain knowledge, like unto our Heavenly Father, who we should all be desiring to become like by following the earthly example His Son Jesus Christ displayed during the short time He was here. Farewell and may your find the direction in life to find all your answers.

  2. I think the mind enlightens the body.
    and I don’t whip the horse or the buggy….I crack the whip at the side of the horse.

  3. i’m probably not “deep” or anything, but here is what i know. when i go to the gym, there are weights. now, when i put 600 lbs on the leg press, my body tells me i cannot push that weight. my mind tells my body that i can. i can push that weight. but, when my knees feel like the tendons are going to snap, my body tells my mind to back off. i guess it’s like yin/yang bodybuilding, lol. so, my mind pushes my body, but my body constrains my mind.
    don’t know tantra, but i have been on a rocket ship called microdot a time or two

  4. Neither. If you are looking for enlightenment you will not get it from either the body or the mind, you will only get it from the soul.
    Your body has all those physical needs like food, water, sex, etc, that need to keep it going. The mind has all those thoughts going on that make the body feel emotions. The mind is like a ticker-tape with thousands of thoughts screaming past every minute, your mind stops on a thought, then starts to chew on a thought and attaches an emotion or emotions to that thought.
    It is the capacity to have thoughts without attaching emotions to them that leads to enlightenment. To listen to the still quiet voice within, to understand that we are all the same. That we all choose the paths that we are leading, and that even if it isn’t the path that we would have chosen for someone, it is their right to choose it for themselves. That we have to go through life choosing love rather than judgment.
    These are the things that lead to enlightenment. So take some time out to meditate and find that still quiet voice within and listen to your soul.

  5. Mind & Body both are enlightened by LOVE !!!
    r u in love ?
    Tantra teaches how to love perfectly and fully and unconditionally

  6. How could they be separated? The mind is the vehicle for inspiration to imbue it with light, and the body shares the experience partaking of that light…….and then the body manifests the light even further and the mind becomes blasted off! The rocket ship to enlightenment……being totally at one with all of life, and all that is, directly experiencing it in the purest sense, and tasting that nectar might be close.

  7. Pranayama
    This opens to us the door to almost unlimited power. Suppose, for instance, a man understood the Prana perfectly, and could control it, what power on earth would not be his? He would be able to move the sun and stars out of their places, to control everything in the universe, from the atoms to the biggest suns, because he would control the Prana. This is the end and aim of Pranayama. When we become perfect Yogis, there will be nothing in nature not under our control. If we order the gods or the souls of the departed to come, they will come at our bidding. All the forces of nature will obey us as slaves. When the ignorant see these powers of the Yogi, they call them the miracles.
    One peculiarity of the Hindu mind is that it always inquires for the last possible generalization, leaving the details to be worked out afterwards. The question is raised in the Vedas, “What is that, knowing which, we shall know everything?” (2) Thus, all books, and all philosophies that have been written, have been only to prove “that” by knowing which everything is known. If we want to know this universe bit by bit we must know every individual grain of sand, which means infinite time; we cannot know all of them. Then how can knowledge be? How is it possible for us to be all-knowing through particulars? The Yogis say that behind this particular manifestation there is a generalization. Behind all particular ideas stands a generalized, abstract principle; grasp it, and you have grasped everything.
    Just as this whole universe has been generalized in the Vedas into that One Absolute Existence, and those who have grasped that Existence have grasped the whole universe, so all forces have been generalized into the Prana, and those who have grasped the Prana have grasped all the forces of the universe, mental or physical. Those who have controlled the Prana have controlled their own minds, and all the minds that exist. Those who have controlled the Prana have controlled their own bodies, and all the bodies that exist, because the Prana is the generalized manifestation of force.
    How to control the Prana is the one idea of Pranayama. All the trainings and exercises in this regard are for that one end. Every one of us must begin where we stand and must learn how to control the things that are nearest to us. This body is very near to us, nearer than anything in the external universe, and this mind is the nearest of all. The Prana which is working this mind and body is the nearest to us of all the Prana in this universe. This little wave of the Prana which represents our own energies, mental and physical, is the nearest to us of all the waves of the infinite ocean of Prana. If we can succeed in controlling that little wave, then alone we can hope to control the whole of Prana. The Yogi who has done this gains perfection; no longer is he or she under any power. The Yogi becomes almost almighty, almost all-knowing.
    We see sects in every country who have attempted this control of Prana. In this country there are Mind-healers, Faith-healers, Spiritualists, Christian Scientists, Hypnotists, etc., and if we examine these different bodies, we shall find at the back of each this control of the Prana, whether they know it or not. If you boil all their theories down, the residuum will be that. It is the one and the same force they are manipulating, only unknowingly. They have stumbled on the discovery of a force and are using it unconsciously without knowing its nature, but it is the same as the Yogi uses, and which comes from Prana.
    The Prana is the vital force in every being. Thought is the finest and highest action of Prana. Thought, again, as we see, is not all. There is also what we call instinct or unconscious thought, the lowest plane of action. If a mosquito stings us, our hand will strike it automatically, instinctively. This is one expression of thought. All reflex actions of the body belong to this plane of thought.
    There is again the other plane of thought, the conscious. I reason, I judge, I think, I see the pros and cons of certain things, yet that is not all. We know that reason is limited. Reason can go only to a certain extent, beyond that it cannot reach. The circle within which it runs is very limited indeed. Yet at the same time, we find facts rush into this circle. Like the coming of comets certain things come into this circle; it is certain they come from outside the limit, although our reason cannot go beyond. The causes of the phenomena intruding themselves in this small limit are outside of this limit.
    The mind can exist on a still higher plane, the superconscious. When the mind has attained to that state, which is called Samadhi-perfect concentration, superconsciousness- it goes beyond the limits of reason, and comes face to face with facts which no instinct or reason can ever know. All manipulations of the subtle forces of the body, the different manifestations of Prana, if trained, give a push to the mind, help it to go up higher, and become superconscious, from where it acts.

  8. I’ve heard its the fast track way to enlightenment. That it is really the only reliable method in this age of degeneration that we live in.
    The body and the mind must work together. Of course a healthy mind can make the body do things that will make it healthy but starting from a place where the body is not conditioned to accept enlightenment (so they say) the process could have detrimental effects. not only that, until your m ind takes control of the body ( a mind over matter thing) the unhealthy body will continue to subvert and confound the plans of the mind. Example: if you decide today that you want to participate in a triathlon you have to train for at least a year and very hard at that. If you were to try and take such a task on right away your body would fall apart on you.
    Another aspect to consider is the affect certain chemicals not only produced in the body but introduced to the body have on the mind. If you exercise certain chemicals are released that give you a sense of well being or energy such as adrenaline. Also, there are the well known affects of proper diet and the euphoric affects of drugs and alcohol.
    I’m not saying that the body CAN enlighten the mind but I really don’t wholly see it as vice vera, either. I think the two work together, just as all beings must work together for true enlightenment to happen.

  9. Mind enlightens the body, we are happy from our inner soul then only our body will work actively and happily. My mind enlightens my body. I feel the deep connection between mind and body.

  10. Both, simultaneously… to wholeness. 🙂
    And as far as the buggy and the horse go… i just stick the key in the horses ignition, fire up the rocket-boosters, and ride the electric-buggy up the spine of love! (gosh i love imagery! lol) ;-P


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