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Does the laws of physics permit my mind and consciousness being uploaded to a computer?


  1. Technically it is possible, unfortunately we don’t have the technology to do so yet (At least none that I know of, but we are gaining some very exciting new advances that should lead us there within the next 20 years or so.

  2. I have been contemplating similar connections, however I am no scientist. I’ll bounce some ideas off of you if that’s alright.
    For modern electronics, electrons are often conducted using wires; tube-like continuums that act as a chain for the passing of impulses. The chain is effective because of the proximity of the individual conducting units at the atomic level.
    If water is another substance that conducts electrical impulses, for one we know that not only is it found in most of our body, but it is also in the air.
    Our five sensory perceptions also deliver impulses to our brains. Through our eyes with photons. Through our ears with frequencies. Through our many nerve endings with impulses of feeling. The frequent belief I often have is that the flow of these impulses is one way – from ‘the world’ to ‘me’.
    Then there is the theory of the observer and the observed. That their relationship is like a two-person waltz – not one dragging the other around a ballroom. That if done successfully, the ‘observer’ can lead, the ‘observed’ can follow, and it will be thoroughly enjoyable.
    If a thought is an impulse, and it originates – or is assembled – in the brain of the observer, then it is already information in the same language; electrons. It exists in the brain, and can be understood within other entities. It simply needs a way, or connection, to move from one to the other.
    Can you link your brain to a computer processor with a copper wire? Can you do it with a stream of water? Does the air contain sufficient atomic density to conduct the transfer of thought impulses? I don’t mean to create more questions. But I feel like discussing the components narrows down the links for the possibilities.
    I hope we find what we are looking for. Cheers 🙂


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