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Does the Kabbalah teach that the human task is the discover the Holy Sparks within each situation in life?

What is “Holy Sparks?”


  1. This question is an example of why regular people are not supposed to learn Kabbalah. It’s hard to understand without an extensive background in comprehensive Torah and Talmudic study.

  2. Genuine Kabbalah can only be studied within the context of Judaism, since it involves a particular way of interpreting the Torah, the holy Jewish text.
    Historically, only men over the age of 40 were allowed to study Kabbalah, as it was recognised as requiring a certain level of maturity.
    If you’re really interested, I recommend reading these books, in *this* order:
    Torah For Dummies
    Kabbalah For Dummies
    – both by Arthur Kurzweil.
    It will give you a basic and enjoyable overview of the main concepts.

  3. Yes, the reason all of us, men and women, are here on earth is to repair it, return the Holy Sparks, shine G-d’s light to the world. There is no longer a ban on learning Kabbalah.
    “Kabbalah” is a Jewish concept which means “received” meaning to ‘get’ the Torah at the deepest levels of our being. For you to receive, you first must become a strong vessel. YOU would be the vessel to Kabbalah/receive. This is essentially a change in consciousness as a result of learning (real) Torah.
    Once you become the vessel to receive, have a change of consciousness, develop a knowing heart and strong kavanah/intent, not only will the Holy Sparks will be revealed, but what to do with them as well.
    Sparks are residuals from creation. (this is a long story– too long for YA) Very basically, HaShem created this world in order to bestow good on another (us). Containers designed to hold or filter G-d’s light during creation were overpowered (by G-d’s enormity) and broke. This left residues or sparks hidden in klipot or husks and shadows (we perceive this as evil — the light of G-d is hidden). Humanity was created to be a co-creator and return these sparks and rectifying the universe. Adam was originally supposed to do this quickly, but no, so here we are.
    The most important place sparks are raised are in us. This is done by rectifying bad personality traits and removing klipot/shadows from one’s souls. When one learns to place all under the direction of the higher soul (Neshama) the klipot are broken, and the sparks released. This produces a worthy vessel for the Divine presence to Dwell, and you then draw down the light of the Shekhina, Presence of G-d on earth.
    When you perform a spiritual unification in yourself, for example by what you say, or in your heart, then the spiritual union, raising sparks will automatically happen above in Heaven.
    If you are an earnest student, you will be able to do this by learning Torah -you may want to read the Torah portion every week, all kinds of prayers, doing mitzvot (commandments), being with the people Israel. This process will prepare you as a strong vessel able to *receive* this connection. Once you receive, you will understand how the Sparks are rectified through you.
    So, every journey begins with one step forward. Good luck!
    chabad has a reliable bibliography of websites on Kabbalah:
    http://www.chabad.org/kabbalah/article_cdo/aid/472783/jewish/Links.htm Non-Jewish sources are not even close.
    thanks Kar~n~Joy!
    @Pasquale, the ecstatic experience of G-d is part of Kabbalah. Each person receives in their own way what they need to do to carry out their particular part. It is not ‘esoteric’ or ‘old’ It is timeless. Learning how the Universe works, who we are, knowing G-d, and why we are here from Torah helps frame that ecstatic connection to G-d we can feel through nature or whenever the Presence of the Divine you describe fills us with awe.
    To clarify, what I am describing, are the deeper things of Torah, Kabbalah, nothing spelled with a C or a Q from Christian mis-translations of our works that incorporated (added in) hermetic Egyptian and Babylonian dualities in an effort to convert and ultimately discredit us. This effort to mis-translate and tamper with the writings is why Kabbalah was off-limits and kept secret for the last 1,000 years or more. It was shut down when the Dominicans started learning Hebrew with the idea to mis-translate these works. With the advent of our own printing presses, the Rabbis are not so worried about this. Here is a history of this effort and how the so called “Christian Cabbala” was invented written by a non-Jew: http://www.amazon.com/Rape-Jewish-Mysticism-Christian-Theologians/dp/0971559104

  4. All of Judaism teaches to look to the best in every situation. Divine sparks are also the Jewish people that have been assimilated into their surrounding culture. It is a good deed to aid these sparks to return home to Judaism.

  5. You have received such great answers above already, all sharing in relevant spiritual knowledge regarding “Holy Sparks”.
    You know brother, there are many forms of this ‘Holy Spark’, we look to God first, but he placed many people in our lives, to love, friends, brothers sisters, , parents, many relationships which bless and encourage us. Their love, care and wisdom has been planted with us us when we need strength, those sparks of light, when we are in darkness, those sparks of warmth when we feel cold. Friendships cause us to glow, and one way to understand God’s presence is to just look into our friends eyes for the love placed there for us. We look at what and how we teach our children, God as well, looks at us, and sees HIs divine glow working evermore in us. We don’t understand all about His Holy Spark but our hearts certainly know when and how His Holiness has touched us immeasurably through many instances in our lives These sparks keep us positive and light our paths… In fact my spark may light yours and visa versa! Amen! Our Creator is so good to us …Hallelujah. Love is stronger than death, the death of sin which tries to put out the spark that God gives us…and God is love!
    Loved the sharing above ~ such great answers…smiles… and so thankful too for the affirming message from Ch-ya. and for this question! )
    She Dances With Love
    Kar~n` Joy~c…

  6. You do not necessarily have to go to the Kabbalah / Cabbala or to any other ancient or new scripture or picture and bury yourself within their depths in order to try and throw light upon those mysterious symbolic representations to try and discover the Holy Sparks within each situation in your life, within any whatsoever event that glowingly may touch upon your life; not necessarily, even if that traditional method may be a decisive part, or decisively can contribute to some of your own illumination through the use of your own … light; for some, that method can be murky, and or perhaps giving the idea of a fake construction.
    Each situation in life does have a life of her own that may be glowing, promoting your own life and teaching you something that you will see as great or holy. The Kabbalah may hide or emanate an immense life of its own that may demand your great dedication, as also any other not necessarily old and esoteric method may demand some more diligent way of application.
    With your own ardent participation, watching, reflecting, cleverly interacting with the actors or energies of the situation you may become filled with the great glowing spark of holiness, of dreamy elevation, ….
    Of course you might suddenly experience yourself as the privileged sun-kissed recipient and or medium of a wondrous or even weird revelation, of a sudden glow of knowledge in the style of those many in our religious or philosophic/scientific traditions that we may know of, but that no existing scripture or picture, no matter how holy they may be reputed to be, can give you.
    Amen. Have some thoughtless lovely laughs.

  7. Chaya already gave you a very detailed answer.
    And she is right today there is no restriction on studying Kabbalah, it is open and free for everyone.
    The Holy Sparks are the soul embryos inside all of us, and by connecting them together, building a common, united vessel we can reveal the Light of the Creator in this vessel.
    And every situation we are in, every scenario we face is another opportunity for this work.
    But the most important part of it is that there is no individual soul, no individual correction, only connecting together can we achieve our purpose.
    If you would like to learn more about Kabbalah, here is a link to an open, free online course starting today:
    All the best.


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