Home Discussion Forum Does the Internet give people psychic powers?

Does the Internet give people psychic powers?

I’ve had folks tell me they know why I believe what I do. I’ve had my mental health diagnosed. My intelligence measured. My integrity evaluated– all by folks who’ve never met me. It’s truly remarkable the power a keyboard give us, wouldn’t you say?
As always, thank you for your thoughtful responses


  1. Well, my computer is hooked up to a webcam you can watch for only $15 a month, so say for a few cups of coffee, you can be the psychic of my pants.

  2. Yes, on R&S, at least. I predict, soon in the future, someone will ask “why are atheists here?” and I will drink to it… 😉

  3. Is that a cat or a skunk? Wait, I’m getting something! I see an “F” does anyone know who I’m speaking to?

  4. You don’t really believe that. You know that these feelings are really based on a persecution complex, which is undoubtedly the result of neurosis on your part as a result of being raised by overbearing parents/ guardians.
    (I’m just kidding)

  5. Even the doctors that would “know” you don’t really “know” you. Your placed into a category from the phone call to make an appointment.
    Why not be able to take quick surveys (usually questions a doctor would ask) and evaluate you?

  6. Didn’t you get your psychic powers? You must have missed the memo. Don’t worry I have psychically transmitted the web address to you so you can claim yours today.
    God Bless 🙂

  7. I think people’s questions and answers on here can reveal a great deal about their intelligence and mental health, no psychic powers required.


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