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Does the history and the past of Greece affects so much the consciousness of its citizens?

Are we attached to our history, dominated by events and acts so much that our mentality and way of thinking is affected by this fact?
Which is your opinion?


  1. We must respect history and get lessons out of it. Also criticize and compair, before we form an objective opinion and view of the facts.
    Latins said: “Homo unius libri timeo” which means “I,m scared of the man of one (only) book”.
    You know that our family’s history, which means 200 years of partecipation in the Venetian-Turkish wars has not affected me and I’m looking forward to the present and the future peace between countries, otherwise I would be hating and fighting Turks (and Bulgarians, and Germans) keeping my family’s tradition.
    Unfortunately this is not case for so many other people, among which many from our neighbouring countries, who are ready and eager to believe what the propaganda of their State imposes for political reasons.
    And they try to justify their opinions by neglecting (intentionally sometimes) to search and verify if what they read is true or false.
    History, especially if it has been “boody” must not repeat itself.
    And it is up to us all to conceive this necessity. Otherwise the war between Chalkis and Eretria, or Athens and Sparta would still go on….

  2. to be attached to our history firstly we have to study our past sth we don’t do. and this is the truth for most of the Greeks.they believe that because we have these treasures we are set and we dont have to act to improve our economy our government, our daily life.
    but there is an other part of citizens. the majority of this population is well educated.they study the actions of our ancestors and their beliefs about life as they well know that history repeats itself throughout the years. Usually they act wise, think smart and to make the long story short make sth out of their life. for these people yes their mentality and consciousness are affected by history but not the majority of the Greek people

  3. I think we are all affected by the events in our past! We are our History! Regardless of where we live most of our actions will be determined by past successes or failures!

  4. There is no doubt that our history not only shapes who we are but also how with think and behave in the future!
    It is our challenge to learn from the past and ensure we move forward as a nation and embrace the challenges facing us with open minds and an warm heart!

  5. Hello dear!
    We can say both: Yes and no!
    Because each one is receiving different issues of our history.
    Some are receiving the heroic Argonautica and the Homeric epic poems – The Iliad and The Odyssey, …
    Others are mostly into classical times with the philosophers, theatrical plays, Democracy and so on.
    While others have been influenced by the Roman occupation, the Christian slaughterings, …
    While others are only keeping the recent christian state!
    Thus, all and each one is influenced by different periods and events and on different levels and degrees, reasons and direction.
    Overall: Yes we are! It is like we are the leaves of a tree with deep roots!

  6. Its true that events of the past has affect the Greek. When events happens we have sometimes to refer us to ancient Greek manuscript written by great Greek writer like Platon and Galilee. And even there are ancient temples at this moment in Greece who were reopen to let the people pray for ancient gods. At this moment there might be a person who is praying for Zeus and Poseidon. This is a good example to show how the history and the past of the Greece affects consciousness of the greek population…I hope I helped…

  7. It’s affecting much of their word view, for example their rather dim view of their Tutkish neibghours and (sometmes) the suspicion towadrs the West (the second csae is connected with the Crusades, espesially the Forth)

  8. I think we just like to say that we have a great history behind us, oti dwsame ta fwta tou olitismou, and so on while in fact ver few of us know our history…

  9. i don’t think so…because i see it in Cyprus too that all people are trying unfortunately to go on and agree with the modern point of view that the past is the past..and they just assume that they know their history when the truth is that they don’t..but this is not true everywhere because i noticed that in Cyprus there is a new emphasis of Greek history being taught at schools which of course is excellent!!!

  10. our I believe that all nations r affected by their history and their past. Knowing your past, helps build a better future.
    The problem with us Greeks is that we rely too much on our past that we forget our future…
    If our mentality was actually affected by our past, as well as our actions and thinking, we wouldn’t be so unaware of what is going on around us, in our own country, in our own time…
    Had we been affected, influenced or even having learned from our past, we would have been better people, more creative, less racists, less self-absorbed; we would care more about the environment, the problems of people living around us, our families, our children….
    To sum it all up, i think we r affected by our past but in the wrongest way……

  11. History affects our life either we like it or not. History it’s all the facts that we start and continue our lives, either if it’s our family history or our national or global. We have no choice in that.
    For example If I was born poor it’s because my family was poor and if I am living in a rich country it’s because that country had a good economy for the last 30 years (at least).
    As about the effect of history in our ideology, well, there we have a choice. Some people seem not to care about the past and some others feel the depth to continue in the route that their ansestors marked.

  12. Maria………. A person’s way of thinking and mentality is affected by history, of course….but ONLY IF A PERSON KNOWS THE HISTORY OF THEIR COUNTRY. It is the same not just for Greeks but for all people. A country’s past provides many lessons to be learned.


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